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Jan 18, 2014 11:47 PM

Any geoduck in Central/Coastal NJ.

I have never had it and am dying to try. We're hoping to attend Comic-con in San Diego this summer, so I am hoping to find some out there too. Any suggestions?

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  1. They come from the North West (WA, BC). You can buy them in NYC, but prices are beyond what I'm willing to pay. Though it's possible prices are down if there's a surfeit due to Chinese ban (and China is the biggest market for geoduck - prior to ban at least).

    1. H Mart has it. They will clean it for you and everything. Pricey but delicious stuff!

      1. Also known / labelled as "mirugai"

        1. Thank you. I should have specified a restaurant because I wouldn't want to prepare the first few times.

          Mirugai at a sushi place?

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            I've seen random places have it on special but nothing regular...

            If you have a go to sushi place you can prolly request it.