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Jan 18, 2014 11:22 PM

Pierre Hermes Sables Diamant a la Vanille - Favorite Sweets from the Sweet Stores, Part 2

Here's another chapter in the trip report. Part 1 was:
A La Mere de Famille

Pierre Hermes Sables Diamant a la Vanille became our favorite cookie from the trip. Discovered during the delicious, perfectly curated, and information-rich Paris by Mouth Christmas tour of St. Germain.

Hard to put into words what makes these cookies so utterly delicious.

The label describes it as:
"[French version above]...The sweet dry Petit Fours by Pierre Hermes Paris invite you to discover a world of pleasures and sensations. The melt in the mouth texture of the Sable cookies, the crispness of the Tuile biscuits, the crunch of the carmelized Sacristains and the tender goodness of the Leckerlis."

'Melt' in the mouth texture is certainly accurate, but it's more than that. The vanilla taste is so pure. Maybe the little black flecks are real vanilla. The shape is lovely. Circular base, curves sides, circular top. Top smaller than base.

Wish I had tried the Tuiles and Leckerlis.

Ingredients listed on the bottom of the cylinder:
Farine, buerre extra fin, fleur de sel de guerande, extrait naturel de vanille, poudre de vanille.

Did not like the flavors in the Pierre Hermes fresh dessert I purchased on the saucer. But the Sables made up for that.

PLUS, they have this big allergy book that they pulled out when I told them of family member seafood allergy and asked which desserts were OK. Interestingly, that seafood allergy eliminated most of the fresh desserts.

To recognize their packaging, look for
- cylinders about the height of those handy hotel writing pads
- the Vanilla sables are in orange colored cylinders. I believe other flavors were in different colors. Wish I had bought several others.

Top name: "Petit Fours Secs"

Middle name: "Pierre Hermes Sables Diamant a la Vanille, Enrobes de Cristaux de Sucre"

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  1. I always thought Hermé was better at dry pastries like cookies and at viennoiseries than at anything else. IMO that's where he's best. Diamants are an old traditional recipe (also declined in lemon flavor), as are sablés, tuiles, leckerlis, etc. There's nothing new or innovative about them. He happens to make them right.

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      1. re: Ptipois

        "....... are an old traditional recipe, as are ..., ..., .... etc. There's nothing new or innovative about them. He happens to make them right."

        Once again Pti provides context. Fill in the blanks with much of the celebrated creations by hot new chefs and producers to understand the tradition and rigor behind their "innovations".

      2. This is my "house" cookie. I always have a cylinder. I think they're a "perfect" cookie.