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Jan 18, 2014 09:55 PM

Montreal Chinese Roast BBQ establishments

Regarding Montreal Chinese roast BBQ establishments. Which is currently the best IYO? For whole chicken & whole duck, what's available at some Chinese roast BBQ establishment besides Chinese roast duck? I'm aware some offer salted chicken, soy chicken, pressed duck, PEI Pa duck(is that a kind of pressed roasted duck?). What else is there for whole chickens & whole ducks?

Are there any Chinese roast BBQ establishments in Montreal that offer Peking Duck for takeout(maybe you can do it if you pre-order in advance)? Is it standard practise for when ordering Chinese roast duck at these establishments to not automatically get the duck juices in the little cup(I've always have had to asked for it, to get it included).

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  1. Peking Garden on Queen Mary Rd does take-out and delivers:

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      Do you they make their own Peking Ducks roasted by themselves(either on-site, or dedicated Chinese roasting BBQ location)? And do they sell the Peking Duck just by itself(not the extra cost for other stuff), like I would get just Chinese roast duck at Chinese Roast BBQ establishments?

    2. Theres a small takeout place at the base of the Swatow building in Chinatown (St. Laurent just above Viger, west side). I think they're the new BBQ place in Chinatown and are associated with Crystal restaurant upstairs.

      Are they the best?
      I only get Chinese BBQ occasionally, so can't really compare, but they *are* good.

      Besides Chinese roast duck, they do a roast chicken and soy chicken (a light version, perhaps steamed). They also have pigs ear and pig snout (both delicious), they have standard roast whole pork (served by the pound as is everything else - except the whole and half birds) and BBQ pork. They also have delicious cuttlefish. There are other items which I don't remember.

      They'll include any little cup of juice or sauce which is traditionally served with whatever item you buy (duck juices with duck, oil/ginger/scallion with cuttlefish, etc). They'll happily throw in extra if you ask.

      They also have a steam table of 6 or 8 non-bbq offerings. I don't know if these are always the same or if they're different from time to time. I also don't recall what was in them last time I was there (Xmastime), perhaps jook (congee) and other items.

      Across the street and up past La Gauchetierre is a small BBQ joint with similar quality, but I don't like the cramped set-up. They do pork ribs and individual chicken wings here, but the two times I've tried these items found nothing special. Duck/pork/chicken very good.

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        Guess where we went yesterday, & got their Chinese roast duck, & they "didn't" include the little cup of duck juice(normally we ask for the duck juice, when we get Chinese roast duck but we forgot this time). Yep the same place you mention here(the one at base of Swatow building, that's associated with Crystal restaurant upstairs). That's what partly inspired me to pose the questions here regarding Chinese Roast BBQ shops in this city.

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          I'm not oriental, so most servers at dimsum assume I will not want some items going around in carts. In fact they oftentimes insist "you no like" when not showing me things like chicken/duck feet, tripe, intestine, etc.

          Knowing this, I kindly insist that they show me and order accordingly (I love chicken feet, tendon, and tripe).

          I'm not saying they don't throw in various BBQ accompaniments because of who you are, but knowing that they "forget", perhaps be more proactive with a smile - it'll likely go a long way!
          Me? I always ask for MORE sides as that 2oz cup doesn't go far and they're always happy to do so.

          I'm not an officinado, but when you refer to "Peking duck", do you mean the common BBQed duck sold at these places, or do you mean the dish served in restaurants with the pancakes and sometimes in 3 courses? Just curious.

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            It seems to be standard practise at all Montreal Chinese Roast BBQ establishments, the duck juice in cup is not included with Chinese Roast Duck, unless you ask. The other stuff, not sure it relates to what we're discussing.

            Yes, I'm talking "authentic" Peking Duck as opposed to Cantonese Roast duck(or Chinese Roast duck) normally sold at the Chinese Roast BBQ shops. It's a different preparation to make it.

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              @porker, what is your favorite tripe dish in Montreal?

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                I really like the dim-sum beef tripe. The honeycomb is OK, but the manyplies (out of the steam basket) type is delicious.

                I was at the oyster fest last year and an Italian restaurant stand had an Italian version of menudo in a rich tomato broth. It was fantastic, however,
                1. I don't recall which restaurant it was from (possibly Venti)
                2. I think they made it special for the event, that even if I knew the restaurant, they wouldn't have it on the menu...

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                  Looking at the website for Oysterfest it looks like it might have been Bevo, Barroco, Bocata or something called 753BT. They are the only Italian restaurants that are mentioned.


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                    Look up trippa pomodoro (or trippa al pomodoro) and you might get some hits. There was one with verza (curly savoy cabbage) and several very appetizing videos set in Tuscany...

          2. I don't know which one is the best but the worst I have ever been to was the BBQ counter in the Fu Tai super market.

            I usually only get the rice takeout meals though, so maybe the meat quality would be better if you got only the meats.

            The roast pork was very fatty, maybe the guy just gave me the fatty bits but what killed it for me was that the pork was also ridiculously salty.

            Does anybody know how's the BBQ joint on that kosher store strip on Van Horne where the old Yangtze was?

            1. Ethan on Gauchetière has a more than decent roast pork, nice crackling skin.

              1. These days I'm having a very tough time, finding any Chinese roast establishments in Montreal making salted chicken. Any still making them? Looking to try salted chicken(haven't tried it in a couple of years).

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                  Dobe & Andy in the shopping mall located at the corner of St-Urbain and Rene-Levesque has salted chicken, among other Chinese BBQ classics.

                  For me, they're second only to "A Lam Kee" on St-Laurent for BBQ meats in chinatown, and they've got a dining room so you can enjoy them on the premises.