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Jan 18, 2014 08:08 PM

Paris Bakery [Seaside and Monterey]

Last week, after finding Sweet Elena’s closed for vacation, I stopped by the Seaside location of Paris Bakery. Mostly a wholesale location, this was my first time to either site. Paris Bakery was voted best bakery of 2013 in the Monterey County Weekly’s readers poll.

The almond croissants looked good in the case --- stuffed to overflowing with almond paste, topped with sliced almonds and dusted with powdered sugar. However, while these were twice-baked, the croissant part still seemed underdone, too wet, and doughy. Also the butter was low grade.

On the top of the counter, the last galettes des rois (king cake) until Epiphany next year. While I didn’t try this, they’re not easy to find so wanted to file it in the chowhound archives.

What's good here?

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  1. The breads are good- they make a decent baguette, parker house rolls, and the sandwiches at lunch are good. The pastries are not worth the calories.

    However- newcomer "lafayette" in the carmel barnyard blows paris bakery out of the water across the board. Ethereal flakey croissants, great sourdough baguette, the multi grain bread, the brioche, and eclairs have all been wonderful. The macarons weren't my favorite but i'm spoiled and comparing them to nyc's.
    A must visit.

    1. Don't know. I can't remember what I tried but it wasn't great.

      I wasn't crazy about the almond croissant I tried at Lafayette either.

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        I did like Lafayette's tarte tatin. Here's what's left of it. Still not crazy about any of their viennoiserie I've tried.

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          I went back today to see if I could get a gateau basque and found out they only make those and the tarte tatin on Friday, Saturday and Sunday though they can make one any day with advance notice.

      2. I like the quiches, the tuna sandwich on the little baguette, and the French onion soup.

        The breads and sweets don't do it for me there. Too much acme and tartine in my former existence.

        1. We go to the Monterey location just about every weekend. My BIL loves the almond croissants. He has never complained that they are dough-y. I like the princess cake for special occasions and the fact that they make it in small sizes (so my jeans don't get too tight!).

          We recently moved from Monterey to Seaside and were going to walk to the Seaside location, but across the street and just up the block (easterly), we discovered a Mexican bakery whose name slips my mind. It was much more informal - pick a tray and tongs, pick your baked goods from the actual cooling racks. Take the tray to the register. It wasn't over-the-top great, but my husband loved the fruitcake cupcake thingies (shudder! fruitcake!) and Jr. said the chocolate raised doughnut was the best he ever had. I was minimally impressed with the cookie I had. If it counts, the dog thought the crumbs snorfed up from the patio were pretty good, LOL.

          They also had savory things like flautas and fried quesadillas, but hubby said they were woefully underseasoned. They have a burrito bar, of sorts, but the food on it looked kind of old.

          In short, we'll go back for the sweets, not the savories, but it's nice to have two bakeries from which to chose in Seaside without getting in the car (and the walking helps the jeans fit too!).

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          1. re: FurPrincess

            Well, if you're in seaside i hope you have discovered the red's doughnuts location....? There're only open until early afternoon but that's where they make all the doughnuts which are far and away the best on the peninsula. The french cruellers are ethereal and the old fashioned buttermilk bar you won't see anywhere else. Also a solid selection of retro-y sandwiches and the old timers who love them at lunch.

            1. re: Ttrockwood

              1646 Fremont Blvd,
              Seaside, CA 93955
              (831) 394-3444

              1. re: PolarBear

                Thanks, PolarBear and Ttrockwood. I've driven by Red's but never gone in. Not much of a doughnut fan myself (had a job making them once, cured me for life!) but the sandwiches might be interesting.

              2. re: Ttrockwood

                Last month I was in & was told no more food service. BUT I may have misunderstood as I was distraught about it being the wrong day for chocolate frosted devils food doughnuts. LOL