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Jan 18, 2014 07:40 PM

Telepan Local --New in Tribeca

Telepan Local opened in the space that was Industrio Argentina. They did a nice job with the renovation and the bar is comfortable for dining.
The dishes are all tapas.
The restaurant opened Jan 2, the place was packed.
The foie gras( not seared) jam sliders were tasty.
The sweetbreads with crispy garlic was very tasty.
The pizzette looked good but I didn't have it.
Wines by the glass are nice. The prices for glass of wine is $10 -12 ,,
The tapas were about $16 each ( a little high IMO).
I'm happy to see this place in Tribeca. It is casual, the staff wear flannel shirts. The noise level is high, especially in the dining area.
It's a farmhouse genre. I will be a regular here, unless it gets too packed.
Here's a Grubstreet review

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  1. Thanks for the write-up, foodwhisperer. Looking to go there soon.

    Have you been to Telepan in UWS? I've been a couple of times and enjoyed the food. But obviously, this is a different concept they're going for here.

    I thought the prices were relatively inexpensive, but it sounds like they're pretty small portions so it can add up if you have to order more than you expected coming in.

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      This place is more casual than UWS. I had only two dishes, but I think 5 dishes split with 2 people is good amount of food. They are tapas size dishes. The foie gras slider dish you get two , so it is easily shared. My bill for 2 dishes and glass of wine was $39 before tip. Nice place.

    2. I went with a few friends for brunch today and we really enjoyed it! Especially the fact they take reservations.
      The farro artichoke salad, mushroom panini, and taste of sourdough pizzete made for a good sized meal. A bite of my friend's banan pecan pancakes was great. Also a better than expected house coffee. We will be back.

      1. I hadn't been to Telepan local in a little while. Pretty much I hadn't been there because the menu lacked items that are a must. To my surprise they made some changes to the menu. They added some salads , that was one of the musts. They added some veggies another must. They added a "normal" pizzette as the other ones may have been too "creative" for some. They added side of fries, can you imagine they didn't have fries? I had a new dish, a roasted mushroom with pine nuts and spinach, very good. I also had a new roast pork dish, with succotash. I'm a sucker for succotash. It the pork had good flavor but was thin like a minute steak or beef tapa. For $24 the portion should have been larger. They still have several of the good dishes , like the grilled cheese, the crispy watercress, but they took off the quail. The quail was a really good dish. The one category they lack in is pasta. There is spatzle but that hardly counts. They added a burger to the menu too. So I think they did what was necessary and I think they will continue to improve. The bar is a great place to eat at. The bartender is excellent and the wines by the glass are really good. I'll be frequenting the place again. Pete Wells should go back for a second review.