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Jan 18, 2014 05:50 PM

More of this 2014 thread!

Reading the enjoyable, Less of this in 2014 thread,got me thinking of what kind of food,food products,restaurants,eating establishments,and produce in groceries and supermarkets I would like to see more of in Toronto.

These are my choices.More:

Bakeries, like the ones you find in Europe,selling hearth breads,and laminated real butter pastries.

Northern Chinese food.

Singaporean food

I would not mind more bbq joints,and sandwich shops.

More independent cafes,that know what they are doing.

Cara,Cara oranges,and red pomelos.

More varieties of mushrooms.

I would like to know what others would like to see more of.

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      1. - More quick Take-out options in the downtown core - Hot table entrees / cafeteria style etc.
        - Fun places - great food but a place that you would stay for two more hours drinking after your meal
        - Collaborations- A Chinese chef & an Italian Chef sharing a restaurant and having fun with food - or Rotating chefs Totally different menu every month in one location from different chefs.

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        1. re: pourboi

          I totally agree that there should be a place where great chefs come together and collaborate and make something
          brilliant,and who knows what kind of amazing techniques
          or new flavor combinations would be created.

        2. More SE Asian food:

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            1. re: Monica

              There's a new Indonesian place opening on Yonge soon.
              Little Sister, opening soon

            2. re: hal2010

              Agreed. Love Montreal but don't want to have to go all that way just for Burmese at Ruby Burma.

              1. Yes to all of the above!

                Somewhere I can eat this ^^^^^^

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                1. re: petek

                  Bok choi,Lomein noddles and bbq pork.

                  I believe you can get that at most chinatown restos.

                  1. re: Spanglo

                    I can have such a thing?
                    What would you call it?

                    1. re: petek

                      It's called Lo mein with bbq pork and bokchoi :P

                      Usually the places that have bbq pork hanging on the front
                      of their windows have it.

                      looking at that pic is making me hungry.

                      1. re: Spanglo

                        It's called Lo mein with bbq pork and bokchoi :P

                        Of course it is.. :) I've had it in soup form at Swatow I'll have to try this version next time.

                        1. re: Spanglo

                          Small point. Pretty certain that the vegetable in the pic is not bokchoi. My guess would be choy shum.

                    2. re: petek

                      More heirloom varieties of vegetables and fruits.

                      Charcuterie shops.

                        1. re: mrsleny

                          <Malaysian wonton noodles?>
                          Sounds good to me! Now I'm starving... :)