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Jan 18, 2014 05:29 PM

Any Not-to-be-missed places for restaurant week?

We just arrived in SD to spend weeks and discovered that next week is restaurant week! Are there any places we should be sure to try? We prefer lunch but would also consider dinner for something special. We are much more interested in really good food versus super high end restaurants. Any advice is welcome-the choice is pretty overwhelming given that we haven't had time to research restaurants much yet and the week starts Monday!

Also any other "must try places" outside of restaurant week are also welcome. We love all kinds of cuisines and SD seems to have really good Mexican in my recollection :)

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  1. SD restaurant week and Valentines Day are two tomes when you shouldn't visit restaurants, limited menu which is hardly cheaper than normal, rushed service etc. Look which restaurants don't participate and visit those during RW, e.g. Urban Solace

    1. Fogo de Chao and Cafe Chloe have pretty good deals.

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        Another rec for Fogo de Chao, esp. for lunch which I believe is about 1/3 cheaper during RW.

        But I generally agree with honkman up above, RW is to be generally avoided. Stay home, get acquainted with your stove, or microwave.

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          I find their meat offerings to be very salty. Their salad bar is very nice with lots of good variety.

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            That's a fair observation (saltiness of the meat) for all churrascharia's.

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              I find few things salty.

              I am one who adds additional salt to canned soup.

              Yes, I enjoy canned soup. With salt, of course.

        2. For $10, you can't go wrong with the Blind Burro at lunch during restaurant week. This would satisfy both your preference for lunch and some really good Mexican (baja coastal).

          If you go to Open Table on the RW website, you will see plenty of availability at BB for lunch this week. It's supposed to be in the 70's all week, grab a seat at the bar on the patio side. Welcome to January in San Diego.

          1. Thanks all! I meant to say that we are staying seven weeks, so we will have time to try a fair amount of places. I will definitely check out Blind Burro and I might even try Fogo de Chao simply because we have never been and I am kind of a classic carnivore :) I will also take a look at Urban Solance and Cafe Chloe to visit during restaurant week or other.

            So far the only places we have tried near our neighborhood in PB have been The Fishery and Rubicon Deli. We have been to Rubicon before and liked it-I had forgotten how big their portions are-even the half sandwiches and the nice touch they have of adding their little chocolate chip cookie!

            The Fishery was new to us and we really enjoyed it. The highlight was probably the mussels-really delicious cooked with linguica. The grilled shrimp tacos were also yummy. The only disappointing thing for us was their Fishery soup-we found it way to "tomatoey" and kind thick. But everything else was yummy!

            Thanks again for the suggestions-we are looking forward to some more food forays in your lovely city!