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Jan 18, 2014 05:17 PM

Burrata in Tampa / St. Pete?

Can anyone tell me where to find Fresh Burrata Cheese? I have tried Mazzaro's, Publix & Fresh Market. I found it online but $27 shipping is too much on top of the price. Any ideas? Lots of good restaurants have it on their menu. They ALL can't be making it can they?!

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  1. Whole Foods on Dale Mabry at I-275. Domestic, $13, and very good.

    1. Whole Foods Tampa has it most of the time. I didn't find it as good as what I had in San Fran.

      1. Thanks! I will try it and see. Someone told me that a vendor at the Saturday Morning Market carries. He makes it fresh from a farm in Tampa. He sells it for $26 a pound which is a little steep. If it's like heaven tho, I may pick it up and compare to Whole Foods. Thanks!

        1. Cacciatore's on Hanley has been carrying it recently and it's delicious... Belgioioso I believe... Loose, like they sell the fresh mozz... Like 5 bucks...