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Mar 7, 2006 07:40 AM

Mastro's Steak House - Scottsdale

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We're considering going to Mastro's Steak house in Scottsdale for hubby's birthday. We are both big steak lovers (filets and New York's)and don't find Morton's or Ruth's Chris all that great. We have been to Ocean Club several times when it first opened but it has since gotten way over itself and they have developed a real "attitude". Any way, anyone care to comment on Mastro's? TIA!

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  1. We love Mastro's.
    The food and service are top notch. Even though the steaks are wonderful, I always order the sea bass. I get the sea bass, husband gets the NY strip, and we split sides of creamed corn and the creamed spinach. A dieter's paradise, for sure.

    Just a note though..the crowd on Friday/Saturday nights is just like Ocean Club, but 10 years older. It's definitely the Desert Mountain crowd. So while not as flashy and in your face as the crowd at Ocean Club, there's definitely a snobby vibe.

    *make reservations 2-3 days in advance this time of year if you don't want to end up eating at 10p


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      I wouldn't call the crowd at Mastro's "snobby," they're more quirky than anything else. But hey who cares, it will probably be the best steak you've ever eaten! On separate occasions we've tried the bone-in ribeye, New York strip, petite filet, bone-in filet, and prime rib. Got to say that every one of them completely raised the bar as far as what good steak should be. Troubling however was their fish which had a very strong fishy smell when it came from the kitchen. So a "no thanks" reccommendation there. Another one of our favorites is the Iceberg Wedge- clean, simple, and refreshing. Or, if you aren't into eating what amounts to about an entire side-of-beef, you can opt for the chopped salad which is also excellent. Hopefully, though, you can mooch a few bites of your dining partner's steak.

      Overall the level of service is outstanding. But that level can dip slightly depending on your waiter and the level of business in the dining room. If things are slammed, for example, you may not see your greeting waiter until it's time for the bill. During the course of the meal 5 or 6 different wait-staff may visit your table, and this can become a bit confusing. In other words, who do you talk to if something isn't quite right? Minor criticism though considering the overall dining experience.

      If we may offer a few tips that may make your dining more enjoyable. First, side dish options. The list of possibilities is almost overwhelming. Our opinion is to go potato. Here's why; it's the classic match. Furthermore, almost all of the really tempting "green/crunchy" accompaniments on the menu are served with either heavy butter, cream, or cheese. For example; broccoli with cheese, creamed spinach, creamed corn, and so on. All of these choices are super-rich and gooey and, again in our opinion, a distraction to the main event which is the humungous, teeth-gnashing, mouth-watering, carnivorially-resplendent steak. Wait a minute though, they do offer steamed veggies, but do you really want to spend $10.00 for steamed mushrooms? Try a baked potato instead, which comes with classic additions on-the-side allowing you to, both, make your own creation and control the level of overkill. Or you can go with the a choice of (fill-in-the-blank) mashed potatoes which we've tried and are all TDF. Skip the French-Fried potatoes though, they were dry and tasteless both times we tried them.

      Next tip; if you like you should try one of Mastro's fun, served-in-the-shaker, Martinis. But be careful as they are potent, irresistible, and seemingly bottomless. We reccommend sharing, and definitely 3 olives each. Their wine list is very comprehensive, and offers a reasonable, albeit "venue-centric", range of price points.

      Finally; when they tell you the plate is hot- they really mean it! No matter how many glasses of wine you've had, resist the temptation to adjust your plate using your bare hand. Trust me- been there, done that! OUCH!

      1. re: mono

        Thanks so much for the wonderful review and advice. We are major carnivores and totally agree with your take on side dishes. A nice baker with all the fixins is heaven with a good side of beef. Creamed corn and spinach are great but not my idea of a pairing with steak. I'm drooling over the shaker martinis. I will write a review though we're not going until the end of the month. Watch for it then and again your input has been extremely helpful!

        1. re: Claree

          Drinkwater's City Hall Steakhouse is our go-to for amazing steaks. If you have not tried it yet, I suggest you give it a shot sometime. The bone-in filet is phenomenal. Desserts are to die for, especially the warm butter cake and creme brulee.

          1. re: alwayshungry
            JK Grence (the Cosmic Jester)

            Mastro's and Drinkwater's are both part of the same company, as are Maloney's in Tempe, Marco Polo in Phoenix, and Cocomo Joe's in Cave Creek.


            1. re: JK Grence (the Cosmic Jester)

              Suffering from Football and Tailgate overload this weekend....eating popcorn and hot dogs @ Cardinal Stadium Friday night and grilling in a parking lot down at ASU in 90% humidity Saturday was time for one civilized dinner before the long labor day weekend ended.

              We snagged a bar table @ Mastro's...yes near the TV's in case we needed to watch yet, one more football game. It was quiet...though filling up with the usual well heeled Scottsdale crowd. It was nice to see women in dresses and men in something other than a football shirt.

              We started our meal w/ a jumbo shrimp cocktail accompanied with Mastro's Atomic Horseradish. The shrimp were served over dry ice, the presentation was spectacular. We also shared an order of escargot in garlic butter.....the escargot served in the shell. The escargot our waiter informed us was new to the menu. It was great..the garlic butter had a bit of a red pepper kick. It was very nice. It was served w/ 2 slices of Mastro's garlic bread to mop up the butter.
              We split a Caesar salad which was served with chilled forks and topped w/ cracked black pepper tableside.

              For entrees we each had a bone in filet. Mastro's is one of few places in town that a bone in steak is offered. I love the flavor of the meat near the bone...
              We also shared 2 side dishes...a creamed corn and a Lobster Mashed potatoes.
              The Lobster Mashed was the disappointment of the evening. It was a large bowl of potatoes topped w a very large portion of lobster was surrounded w/ what looked like oil...almost as it it was all floating in oil. At $33 this was unacceptable. We brough this to the waiters attention...he said that was how it was served. We though we would give it a go...the flavor was great...the lobster was delicious...the oily parts we avoided and were a little off putting.
              The waiter brought us a complimentary chocolate cake to share for dessert....feeling as if we were a little upset over the potatoes.

              All in all the meal and evening was terrific. I still highly tout Mastro's as one of the best Steakhouse dining experinces in town. The service was impeccable, the clubby atmosphere is relaxing...and the food was well prepared and consistant.

              I may have to make this my antidote to football overload this year.

              1. re: ciaogal

                My wife and I tried out Mastro's Steak House while in Scottsdale recently for our anniversary and I must say that we were not impressed. Here is why...

                1. Serving the steak on a 400 degree plate is all smoke and mirrors. What does that do to make my steak taste any better, then serving it on a non-scalding hot plate? Seriously...
                2. We have been to many steak houses that serve their sides ale-carte or family style and I must say that I HIGHLY recommend NOT ordering anything on the Potato side. Our order of Sweet Potato fries were so large I am not sure a table of 8 could have ate them all. It was only mentioned to us by our waiter after they arrived how large they are.
                3. If you want to go to a place that you have to shout to speak with the people you are with, then Mastro's is the place for you...
                4. If you want to go to a place where people running around like they are holding a scalding hot plate all the time is relaxing to you, then Mastro's is the place for you...
                5. If you like your steak Medium, and then it is served raw, then Mastro's is the place for you...

                After all the above I must say that the steak had great flavor(once they re-cooked it), the desert was very good, and the wine list was very nice. Would I go back when in Scottsdale again, maybe... Most likely request a different area to sit, and know NOT to order anything that might be from the potato family.

                1. re: Garrison

                  The searing plate is a novelty that I actually like as I know that my steak is going to remain hot throughout an even extended meal. While it may be gimmicky, that doesn't mean it is smoke and mirrors. I have never heard any claim that the searing plate is supposed to enhance the taste. (BTW, Ruth's Chris does the same thing.)

                  As for the potatoes, Mastro's is pretty much a temple to excess. I was happy that my potato dishes have enough for me to take home along with any remaining steak for a scrumptious breakfast or lunch the next day.

                  But, as they say, to each his or her own.

                  1. re: Seth Chadwick

                    I've eaten at, and worked at, some of the best steakhouses around and I don't care for the sizzle plate at all. I know Ruth's does it and Peter Lugers and ... etc.

                    The searing plate doesn't enhance the taste of the steak ... but it does continue to cook it as it's served and eaten.

                    If you order a steak medium rare it should remain medium rare throughout the time that you are enjoying it. A steak will continue to cook on a hot plate, I don't care how thick it is. Even if it changes just a little, IIMO that's unacceptable in all cases but especially when you are paying big money for the steak.

                  2. re: Garrison

                    Very much agree with the poster who complained that you have to shout to be heard by your partner. This place is frequented by the male golfing crowd who get louder and louder with each drink and tall tales of almost birdies. I'd take Flemings any day over Mastro's.

                    1. re: Stockli

                      Agreed can be pretty loud. I'd take BLT steak over Mastro's.