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Bacon Vodka - What to do with it besides drink

Friends brought over a bottle of Bacon flavoured vodka to make a Canadian favorite cocktail - Caesars. This vodka is dreadful. The Caesars were ruined. My husband tried to have shot of the bacon vodka and nearly wretched.

I was just going to toss it out but at a recent trip to the liquor store I noticed it was nearly $50! I feel bad about chucking out $50 worth of booze but I don't want it wasting a valuable spot in my liquor cabinet!

Does anyone have any ideas for other uses?

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  1. I've never seen Caesars made with anything other than plain vodka. It's basically a Bloody Mary made with Clamato rather than straight tomato juice. I don't know why bacon vodka wouldn't work, other than the fact that it sounds icky, to use a technical term.

    Was it the vodka by itself that tasted bad or was it the mixed drink?

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      it was icky all around. It tastes like liquid smoke and turpentine.

      1. re: TSAW

        It very well could ruin anything you make with it.....

        My mom made a bacon onion jam- you could do caramelized onions and add a splash along with some real bacon. I would make a mini batch first to be sure its not funky

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          Oof. That's doesn't sound good at all. I'd just chalk it up as a loss. No sense in ruining food in an attempt to try to make it less vile.

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            Simple, just figure out which of your standard recipes would be enhanced by liquid smoke and turpentine, and there you go.

            Seriously, if it's undrinkable (to you) then why do you think it can be "fixed" by adding it to a recipe?

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              Exactly what came to mind first. I'd go with a Romanov sauce variant. You can also try to flambée the pasta after cooking before adding the sauce (works really well with stuffed pasta like ravioli or tortellini).

          1. flambe? or is it too gross and would ruin the food?

                1. try a "bit" over boneless chicken breasts....along with some spices..I used to use Vermouth to keep them moist and "interesting' and I've larded them with bacon. Maybe this will do both

                  1. My little brother brought some to Christmas this year. The resounding conclusion was that it tasted like dog food.

                    I have no suggestions for consumption of such a vile thing.

                    1. Bloody Mary's
                      Pie crust for savory tarts

                      1. pour into empty bottle of other kind of liquor. make sure appearance matches label. drop by your local college campus; find a party. quietly walk in, leave the bottle on a table, and find a quiet corner to observe following hijinks.

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                          1. White Elephant Exchange Gift. I can picture people fighting over it just for the name...

                            1. As a "gag gift"... seem appropriate. Vile stuff.

                              1. You could use it in baking for savory bread or pie crust ( savory or sweet, if you like bacon enhanced desserts) Biscuits, rolls, beignets, pot pie crust, sweet potato or pumpkin pie with a bacon crumble crust (brown sugar, oats, flour, butter, etc.)

                                Make a glaze for thick cut and oven baked bacon or ham using the vodka, spices and a sweetener (molasses, honey or brown sugar, etc.)

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                                  Tell me, do you think the smoke flavor would intensify in a baked crust? I mean just a dash of liquid smoke is all you need and this particular vodka has less going for it.

                                  Maybe do a small trial run beforehand. I'm not so sure this vodka would work out well.

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                                    A dash of liquid smoke is more intense than the vodka; in fact, a drop or two is more than enough of liquid smoke. A dash would be too much. In this vodka, I doubt the flavor of the smoke is as intense although it will probably be prominent. Not sure if it would intensify MUCH, it will most certainly depend on how much is used.

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                                      I haven't tasted bacon vodka so I can't comment on the flavor but I couldn't get past the brief whiff when the bottle was opened at a Halloween party. I agree about a light hand when using liquid smoke but the heavy perfume from this vodka was the smoke. It wasn't pleasant either..

                                2. I wonder if you could run your car on it...

                                  1. I'm not sure I would want to risk littlenecks and fresh chopped clams, but I have done pasta in clam sauce and rather then open a bottle of white have used a big splash of vodka to the pan. Bacon and shell fish work well together. But I've never tasted that vodka.

                                    1. Leave it where some teenagers you dislike can "find" it...