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Asian grocery stores in NY with a good variety of packaged ramens?

I am looking for stores that have a good variety of packages ramens like Indomie and also items like Prima Taste Laksa or Curry La Mian.

I will be happy to go anywhere in Manhattan or Brooklyn.


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  1. Kamman on Canal St.? or any of their neighbors...?

    1. There's a place in K-town on 32nd St, north side of the street that has a good variety. I'm totally blanking on its name unfortunately. I know it by memory. It's about 4 or 5 doors past the hotel there at Broadway.

      Another really great and obvious place for lots of different packaged ramen is Pearl River Mart on Broadway between Broome and Grand streets. I haven't been there in a while but the ramen section should be on the first floor, in back right hand side.

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        That's h mart in k-town, 32nd b/w 5th ave and broadway.

        Pearl river isn't great- and charges more than anywhere else in chinatown.
        The new chinatown supermarket has a ton of varieties, more info here:

        If you're in the e village the M2M market on 3rd ave and 11th has an aisle of ramen too

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          Oh that (M2M) reminds me! OP, also check out Sunrise Mart at 3rd Ave and Stuyvesant St. near St. Marks Place: http://www.yelp.com/biz/sunrise-mart-....

          Ttrockwood, thanks for pointing me towards the new Chinatown supermarket. I'm going to make a huge set of pork stock tomorrow and I think I want to go searching for some ramen as well.

      2. Thanks guys....this should keep me busy and eating a lot.

        1. I am adding this to the mix one store since someone on Yelp said they recently bought the Indomie (top rated) noodles there:

          Asia Market Corp
          71 1/2 Mulberry St
          New York, NY 10013
          (212) 962-2028

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            There are also several smaller groceries along grand st between allen (near the f train) and mott that may have what you're looking for- i just walk those few blocks ducking in and out of them.... The supermarkets would be a better one stop shopping though.

          2. The newish Chinatown Supermarket, which Ttrockwood mentions upthread, does indeed have a very good selection. I'd been looking for Mama brand Shrimp Creamy Tom Yum, and I finally found it there. The New York Supermarket under the Manhattan Bridge also has plenty of instant noodles, but I don't recall seeing too many that weren't Japanese.

            1. I am responding to my own post to spread my knowledge after finding what I wanted. Here is my new go-to Asian grocery store-ramen store list:

              New York Mart -128 Mott Street
              H Mart in k-town, 32 W 32 street - between 5th ave and Broadway.
              Pearl River - Broadway bet Broome and Grande
              New Chinatown Supermarket -109 East Broadway corner Pike and E Bdway
              M2M Market on 55 3rd Ave near East 11th Street
              Sunrise Market - 4 Stuyvesant Street bet 11 and 12 street
              Kam Man Food - 200 Canal St. (My fav and has an area where they serve hot food with tons of really great housewares & dishes on the bottom floor)
              Asia Market Corp - 71 1/2 Mulberry St (Malaysian foods and doesn't look like much from the front but its pretty good and very close to Kam Man Food)

              1. Not much variety but Costco has cases of Top Ramen for a great price-I make my own broth anyway or usually just par boil noodles halfway then stir fry w my own ingredients such as sesame oil, oyster sauce, different cuts of meats etc. I really prefer stir fried noodles on the dry side made this way.