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Jan 18, 2014 02:10 PM

Recommendation for Personal Chef-Dinner for 2

So I'm thinking of hiring a personal chef for a romantic dinner for two and was wondering if anyone has done this before? If so, are there any recommendations for some chef's I should call/email?

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  1. a lot depends on your budget...

    1. Dining in Chez Vous - I had her cater my 40th birthday party and Robyn was incredibly helpful and the food was wonderful!

      Edited to say that I am assuming you are looking in the GTA? If you are in Niagara the chef from the Bleu Turtle Bistro is also amazing for catering (

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        I also hired Chez Vous for a bday for my then SO. It was an incredible meal... we had lobster risotto, lobster/crab cake and roasted marshmellow gelato.. there is something else I'm forgetting but it's been years. Good times.

      2. For my wife's 50th birthday we used He and his wife took care of everything... buying the ingredients, preparing the meal and clean-up. The meal was phenomenal and Mike had an engaging personality conveying as much information as you cared to know, i.e. almost like a cooking class if you want it. I have no hesitations recommending him.