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Jan 18, 2014 02:00 PM

Is PA Parc moving?

The rumours have been swirling for a couple months now that PA Parc would be moving into the Tapis National showroom just north of Fairmount. Sure enough TN moved out of their large space around the New Year and the paper went up on the windows.
BUT the latest rumours are that their is not enough non-retail (i.e storage) square footage and PA won't move in.
The current location is being strangled by its popularity, with lineups way down the aisles at busy times, making it an unpleasant shopping experience for regulars.
Can anyone add to this?

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  1. Confirmed in La Presse:

    Ambitious plans. The new place will be over twice as large. The owners will convert the current store into an organic grocery: (tentative name) "PA Nature".

    1. Well, it will probably be just a little too far away for me to go there as often as I did before.

      Good for them in any cases!!!

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      1. re: Maximilien

        The distance is really minimal. Since I live in Petite-Italie, it will be ever so slightly closer. PA already had a fishmonger's, but it was across the street. Now that will be under the same roof, I guess.

        Those are ambitious plans, but they certainly have the clientele. The important thing will be for them to keep the same "feeling", as a lot of people shop there, crowded and all, instead of the nearby Provigo on Mont-Royal.

        I think that is pretty much across from the SAQ outlet that moved down there from the space (in an insalubrious building) betwee St-Viateur and Bernard. I have friends near Bernard who are VERY pissed off about that, especially since there is no other SAQ there and north anymore: even the former SAQ next to the Parc-Jean-Talon Loblaws is no more.

        1. re: lagatta

          Why are your friends so upset to walk one extra block for fine wine. What if their favoured Butcher, Baker or Cheese Maker moved one block further away? Would this greatly upset them?
          As far as keeping the same "feeling" in a new PA. I think that's why they're moving, so people won't have the feeling of being sardined into a store with cash lineups down the ailes.
          Don't get me wrong PA's great, just needs some breathing room. I'm sure nostalgia will kick in sometime in the future about how great the claustrophobia was.

      2. They are keeping the old place to turn it into an Organic grocery store.

        The other PA will only be 4 - 5 blocks north on park avenue.

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        1. re: maj54us

          It isn't even that far, actually. Look on the map. It is a short walk north on avenue du Parc.

          1. re: maj54us

            2 short blocks north. The old Tapis National as I reported.

          2. Mtl Blog has a post about this move, in English,

            but what a strange computer translation of this paragraph in La Presse:

            « Le déménagement va nous permettre d’offrir plus de produits et de diminuer la congestion à la caisse », se félicite Taso Erimos, copropriétaire de l’épicerie avec son frère Sam. Et les prix resteront aussi bas, promet-il. « On est très compétitifs avec nos prix et avec la qualité, martèle celui qui travaille sept jours par semaine. La recette n’est pas difficile. Si on peut acheter une Mercedes au prix d’une Corolla, c’est “winner”. »

            Of course the Mtl blog text was referring to "congestion" (or gridlock) at the cash.

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            1. re: lagatta

              Oh, and they don't even cite La Presse. I didn't know about this blog until a few days ago, but I'm really learning to love it.

            2. I was at PA Parc yesterday, and they have a sign up indicating that they will be moving on the 19th of May.

              Watch this space, as they say.

              By the way, I was buying goat stewing meat, on promotion this week for $3,99lb/8,80kg. It was very nice; local Qc goat, not fatty; I managed to get mostly chops and shanks.

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              1. re: lagatta

                They've covered the 19 with a 26, so a 1 week delay.You can peek into the new one if you're on the way by.

                1. re: meagain

                  Thanks, megain. I'm not surprised: that is a huge operation. I'll try to walk by (I cycle on parallel streets; Parc is dangerous).

                  At least they own the current premises (the offices for the little chain are upstairs) so they don't have to worry about moving out immediately. They intend to keep both locations, and I'm sure they'll both attract a clientele.

                  I'll be interested in what their projected natural foods shop at the old location will stock. And its prices.