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Jan 18, 2014 01:36 PM

Dinner For Four in Downtown LA?


I'm looking for a good restaurant in downtown LA, ideally within walking distance of the 300 block of S. Figueroa St.

We're a group of four adventurous eaters with no dietary restrictions. We're keen on any kind of Asian food, or Mexican food, but we're open to anything.

It's a special occasion, so I'm looking for something nice, but not over-the-top expensive. A place with entrees in the $20.00 range would be my ideal price point.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance for sharing your expertise with some visiting New Yorkers and Canadians.

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    1. Walking distance from 3rd and Fig, if you want Mexican, there is Border Grill on 4th and Figueroa:

      A few blocks away on 5th and Flower, but a bit more pricey, there is also Chaya Downtown for Asian:

      If you are willing to jump on the train, walk to 7th and Fig, take the red line to Civic Center and you can walk to Little Tokyo to try ramen at Men Oh Tokushima or Shin Sen Gumi or the udon at Morugame Monzo. Or try Indian/Canadian treats at Badmaash.

      1. Wood Spoon might be just what you are looking for. Try their wonderful Brazilian Chicken Pot Pie.

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          wienermobile- ever had the Costelinha corn Canjiquinha? Amazing

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            I would not pick Daikokuya for a special occasion. Neither the food nor the atmosphere qualifies.

            On the other hand, I do endorse the recommendation for Chaya Downtown, which is both geographically desirable and fit for a special occasion. And it won't break the bank if you don't let it.

            You didn't say when. If by any chance this will be a Sunday dinner, Chaya has a special menu (regular still available, I think) for $27. Four courses based on a market ingredient (this week, it's citrus) and 1/2 price bottles of wine.

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                For a main course. Hence, I would think a 4-course Sunday dinner at $27 including dessert is well within the budget. If the meal isn't on Sunday, then this obviously doesn't apply.

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              The ramen at Daikokuya is pretty bad.

              My picks for entrees in the $20 range in that area would be Cafe Pinot (near 5th & Flower) or Colori Kitchen (near 8th & Olive).

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                2nd colori kitchen, byob is a major plus. It's crazy busy in there esp on weekends so try to get a res.

                Very easy to blow the 20pp budget @colori though. Their cioppino is like $33 alone. Never had a bad meal there.

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                  OP states $20 per ENTREE, not $20pp. There is a difference.

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                    fair enough, but I've never left colori kitchen w/o spending ~40pp after tax/tip. Just FYI to the OP.

                    As background info to the OP...

                    colori kitchen is structured around a typical italian menu - so apps then pastas then mains then desserts.

                    The pastas are not big enough to be shared, but the mains are. So typically between my fiancee and I we'll buy like carpaccio (~10), pasta (~15), main (~20-30), then dessert (~10). And that's eating fairly light...

                    all that said, colori has dropped some of the best mains (1.5pound beef rib, cioppino) and desserts (we once did a dessert "tasting menu") I've had at that price range.

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                    Sounds like they're visiting, not sure if there's a liquor store or wine shop in the area to help them out with that byob....

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                      I can think of 2 excellent ones off the top of my head

                      Buzz Wine Beer shop on Spring @ 5th

                      Artisan House Market at Main and 6th

                      Though most of the time when I go into Colori, I see the BYOB in bags from Target which is one of the reasons I would suggest the OP look beyond Colori

              2. One of a kind sausages (rattlesnake and rabbit + more) and craft beers at Wurstkuche.

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                  "a special occasion...looking for something nice"