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Need some advice

Need an interesting restaurant option for a friends bday- considering corazon y miel but live on westside and seems too far. Chi spacca- but seems pricey (steak at $175). Open to all cuisines, 30 min drive or so from westside okay, want to avoid Italian and try something a bit different. Great food and service critical, ambiance less so. Funky and fun with great food would do it!! Any help appreciated.

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    1. Cafe Bizou on Ventura in S.O. for great French cuisine

      1. Cleo. Mediterranean tapas and good cocktails.
        Rivera. Latin/South American cuisine with themed rooms and a great bar.

        1. Providence. Some of the best food in LA.

          1. Unsung on this board, but I like it every now and then:

            Koutoubia - Moroccan fare, on Westwood Blvd. Really cool, exotic room, great drinks at the bar, and the chicken is tender, the couscous is wonderful.

            1. You don't give a budget so, off the top of my head:

              Tasting Kitchen
              A Frame
              Tar & Roses

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                Only one I haven't tried is Paiche, so that goes on the list. Thanks

              2. n/naka

                No funk but great food and service.

                Two out of three ain't bad. In baseball they'd accuse you of being on PEDs.

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                  If the OP thinks Chi Spacca may be too pricey the $165 pp tab at n/naka may make them swallow their gum...

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                    165 is for a full meal.

                    I took the OP as saying that 175 is pricey just for the steak (even for 2) cuz you still have to order, like, other things.

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                      You can easily get out of Chi Spacca for a lot less than n/naka if you pass on the steak.

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                        You get out of Dan Tana's for free if you just have a glass of water. But why would you?

                2. Thanks all. Got a rezzie at church key. Paiche another good idea. Thanks all.

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                    Report back. I'm curious about this place.

                  2. Scratch Corazon y Miel. Its good but it wont be memorable.

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                      Check out EMC in LA. It's located at the Equitable building on wilshire. Good food, happy ambiance, good service, good crowd. You wont be disappointed