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Jan 18, 2014 11:45 AM

Food Events 2014

i'm guessing we have to start a new thread for 2014

there's Le Chop Montreal that's been going since January 6th. ends on February 28th.
3 course meals ranging from $19 to $27. the participating restaurants are Decca 77, Newtown, Guido & Angelina, Atelier Argentine and Wienstein & Gavino

January 19: vietnamese têt celebration at pierre charbonneau centre (viau metro station


January 26: vietnamese têt food fair at the vietnamese church, 1420 Bélanger Est in the basement. starts around 10am. the best dishes are always sold out in the first hour or so

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  1. I'll have to get to the church one (walking distance...). Thanks!

    Very close by, on the opposite (north) side of Bélanger, there is a shop that makes good corn tortillas. Forget its name...

    1. little italy happy hours 5pm to 7pm ($15) every thursday, starts today and ends April 3rd,

      23/01/2014 Pizzeria Corneli - 6741, boul. Saint-Laurent Tél. 514.325.1300;

      30/01/2014 Restaurant Impasto - 48, rue Dante Tél. 514.508.6508;

      06/02/2014 Restaurant Inferno – 6850, rue Saint-Dominique Tél. 514.274.0666;

      13/02/2014 Brama Trattoria moderna – 6701, boul. Saint-Laurent Tél. 514.270.6701;

      20/02/2014 Ristorante Pomodoro – 6834, boul. Saint-Laurent Tél. 514.667.3867;

      27/02/2014 Café Via Dante – 251, rue Dante Tél. 514.270.8446;

      06/03/2014 Café Epoca – 6778, boul. Saint-Laurent Tél. 514.276.6569;

      13/03/2014 Restaurant Lucca – 12, rue Dante Tél. 514.278.6502;

      20/03/2014 Nicola Travaglini Aliments Fins – 152, av. Mozart Est Tél. 514.419.8969;

      27/03/2014 Café Conca D'oro - 184, rue Dante Tél. 514.495.0134;

      03/04/2014 Café Internazionale – 6714, Boul. St. Laurent Tél. 514.495.0067;

      1. Poutine week starts soon (February 1st). This year, it looks like there are many more options than in previous years. TBD if that's a good thing.

        The list of participating restaurants/diners and their poutines can be found here:

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        1. re: alinemramos

          Yeesh! Googling merguez and red-eye gravy would have saved him some embarrassment.

          1. re: SnackHappy

            Similarly, the Gazette claiming that the donut poutine at Chez Boris is being served in Old Montreal (presumably they figure that it and Boris Bistro were one and the same?).

            1. re: SnackHappy

              SnackHappy: Whose poutine do you refer to? There's a couple merguez poutines, neither mention red-eye gravy.

              1. re: Shattered

                He was referring to the article on mtlblog, where they say that merguez is a Spanish sausage and they don't know that red-eye gravy is made with coffee.

            2. re: alinemramos

              la banquise is part of the participating restaurants, nice. the donut poutine is intriguing and disgusting at the same time

              1. re: alinemramos

                I've just tried the poutine at SuWu, on St. Laurent. It was the one with rosemary fries, Sortilège and maple sauce with bacon slices and bits, fried cheese curds. It was a pretty decent-sized portion for $10. Definitely worth it, but I found it too sweet, probably because the sauce was too heavy on maple syrup.

                If anyone is planning on going, though, I recommend you make a reservation. It was packed tonight (I had to sit at the bar, but it was fine) and I assume it'll be even more crowded later in the week.

                1. re: alinemramos

                  It looks like no one else has been in poutine mood, so here are my latest remarks:

                  - Imadake: their poutine is something in between an okonomiyaki and a poutine. It's interesting, but it sort of has an identity crisis. A lot of sauces going on and a bit too salty for my taste. It features squid and shrimp, but a vegetarian option is also available.

                  - Poutineville: just "meh". I think they have better poutines in their regular menu. The gravy was delicious but the meat was just ok, and there was just too much onion (more than potatoes, actually).

                  1. re: alinemramos

                    i only want to try the donut poutine but every time i get there, it's sold out so i just stop bothering. i'll make my own donut poutine instead

                    1. re: twinkie83

                      Oh, really? I really wanted to try that one, too. It just never worked out for me. Maybe it was for the best, since I would've been pretty pissed off if I went all the way across town to find it sold out...

                      I did try the poutine at Pub Quartier Latin last night though and I was quite surprised: it was very good. It was way smaller than the other ones (I guess if you're using more expensive ingredients you have to compensate in the quantity), but it was the best among the ones I've tasted this week.

                      1. re: alinemramos

                        yeah, they sold out by 2pm.. thing is i don't want to eat a poutine at 9am when i'm in the neighborhood. anyway, i've been packing holidays weight so good thing i wasn't able to try some

                2. sugar shack at Les Éclusiers par Apollo in old montreal,

                  for their 5 year, they have the 5 previous chefs, Danny St-Pierre, Marc-André Jetté, Patrice Demers, Martin Juneau and Helena Loureiro

                  March 6 to April 20th
                  $59 for the 5 course meal service, wine extra $29, beer extra $17 (all pre-tax, tips, etc)

                  1. Haiti in the spotlight at Montréal en lumière this year: