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Jan 18, 2014 11:38 AM

Celeriac/Celery root - roasted, mashed - your best methods?

I am interested to try celeriac for the first time and would like to roast it and serve as is or serve mashed. I've browsed a few recipes and most suggest including potatoes but the idea is to use it by itself. What are your best methods to prepare it either roasted or mashed? Boil first? Time? Temperature? TIA

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  1. You might want to post this and the Home Cooking board...

    We really like a 1:1 mash of potatoes and celeriac. I peel, cut up, and boil and celeriac the same as I do the potatoes (I usually start the potatoes and boil for a few min, then add the celeriac, as it takes less time to cook). The celeriac can be a bit watery, so be sure to drain well. I mash all together with a little milk and butter and salt. Yum!

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      But this was posted in special diets for a reason, exclusion of potatoes, for one thing. :-)

      1. If you roast it you need about 40 minutes at 375 for 2" chunks.

        I like it that way but also love it steamed and mashed with butter, no potatoes.

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          Thanks, roasting is up next. Today I tried it raw as a remoulade and I also braised/steamed it with garlic, thyme and chicken stock and really loved it.

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            I don't love it pureed or roasted, but did use it once or twice in my all time super fab gratin recipe... if you liked it, you might like it as a substitute for potatoes in this, which I make a lot with rutabaga:

            I'm not a celeriac lover, but if you are, it works really well in this. I tried jicama, but no matter how long it cooked, it never lost it's crunch.

        2. I either roast it with other root vegetables, or mash it at about 50/50 with potatoes.

          I tried mashing by itself, but it has a little too much liquid to really stand on its own -- it needs a little something to keep it from going to gravy.

          1. I positively loathe cooked celeriac, but ironically add it to my chicken noodle soup, b/c that's what mom used to do and it adds a different flavor than celery stalks. But then when I'm ready to eat, I make sure to remove those blobs & cubes of mush :-)

            My favorite (or rather only) way to enjoy it is raw/shredded for Waldorf or other salads.

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              I'd almost forgotten -- in France, it's shredded and mixed with mayonnaise, just like coleslaw. I don't like it as much as slaw, but it's an interesting change of pace.