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Jan 18, 2014 10:39 AM

Guilty Pleasures

The topic for this week's "The Taste" was guilty pleasures.
For me it would be warm bread pudding with bourbon sauce, cappuccino cheese cake and toasted pound cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, topped with hot fudge sauce. On the savory side it would be fried chicken, Brie LT with thick sliced bacon sandwich.
What are your guilty pleasures?

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  1. Here is my list

    Bacon, Egg and cheese burger
    Bratwurst on a pretzel bun with stone ground mustard and sauerkraut
    Pulled Pork sandwich topped with cole slaw with a side of mac and cheese.

    Orange Chocolate Cheese Cake
    Pumpkin Torte
    Lemon Meringue
    Keylime Pie

    1. For unknown reasons, when I have not eaten well or have been dieting, I want fried chicken. I desire and long for it. Have no idea why, unless I long for the grease, flesh and salt. Fried chicken is a guilty pleasure for me too.

      Eating real good Mexican is a guilty pleasure for me as well. An occasional frozen custard is a pleasure, especially in the warm months. I can't do that more than once or twice a season.

      A snatched piece of Halloween candy, and Christmas cookies are other major guilty pleasures for me.

      Another rare one, really rare, is an old fashioned milkshake or malt.

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      1. re: sueatmo

        I love fried chicken but usually I don't feel guilty since I only have it every once in a while but boy do I love it. I don't like poultry skin in any other form except fried.

        1. re: fldhkybnva

          I just had one of my guilty pleasures the other day - boiled pig trotters cooked in the pressure cooker with some herbes de Provence. Sticky, gelatinous, tasty and CHEAP!

          1. re: fldhkybnva

            I was going with the theme of guilty pleasures, which to me means eating stuff you know isn't good for you, but which you nevertheless enjoy too much to stop eating totally.

            I am not hung up on fried chicken, but at certain times I long for it.

        2. Sweet:
          Hot fudge sundae with good quality vanilla ice cream and fudge topped with whipped cream and nuts;

          Pistachio ice cream sundae with hot butterscotch sauce;

          Spaghetti with good homemade meaty spaghetti sauce;
          Grilled cheese with tomato;
          Good fried whole belly clams or clam cakes, preferably at the beach

          1. Savory: Prime rib. Raw oysters.

            Sweet: Marscapone cheesecake with crushed pistachio crust, and dark chocolate drizzle.

            Alcohol: Scotchy scotchy scotch.

            Of course, tonight I had a chef salad for supper and I'm drinking tea now. :-/

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            1. re: pinehurst

              I'm glad I don't have your morality system. Guilt from scotch, prime rib, and oysters - that sounds like just another Friday night to me.

            2. Prime rib (rare) w/horseradish cream

              Marie Callender's Fresh Peach Pie (June, July, August only)

              Chef boy ar dee mini spaghetti and meatballs ~~ straight from the can only with a plastic fork

              Tommy's Chili