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Guilty Pleasures

The topic for this week's "The Taste" was guilty pleasures.
For me it would be warm bread pudding with bourbon sauce, cappuccino cheese cake and toasted pound cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, topped with hot fudge sauce. On the savory side it would be fried chicken, Brie LT with thick sliced bacon sandwich.
What are your guilty pleasures?

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  1. Here is my list

    Bacon, Egg and cheese burger
    Bratwurst on a pretzel bun with stone ground mustard and sauerkraut
    Pulled Pork sandwich topped with cole slaw with a side of mac and cheese.

    Orange Chocolate Cheese Cake
    Pumpkin Torte
    Lemon Meringue
    Keylime Pie

    1. For unknown reasons, when I have not eaten well or have been dieting, I want fried chicken. I desire and long for it. Have no idea why, unless I long for the grease, flesh and salt. Fried chicken is a guilty pleasure for me too.

      Eating real good Mexican is a guilty pleasure for me as well. An occasional frozen custard is a pleasure, especially in the warm months. I can't do that more than once or twice a season.

      A snatched piece of Halloween candy, and Christmas cookies are other major guilty pleasures for me.

      Another rare one, really rare, is an old fashioned milkshake or malt.

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      1. re: sueatmo

        I love fried chicken but usually I don't feel guilty since I only have it every once in a while but boy do I love it. I don't like poultry skin in any other form except fried.

        1. re: fldhkybnva

          I just had one of my guilty pleasures the other day - boiled pig trotters cooked in the pressure cooker with some herbes de Provence. Sticky, gelatinous, tasty and CHEAP!

          1. re: fldhkybnva

            I was going with the theme of guilty pleasures, which to me means eating stuff you know isn't good for you, but which you nevertheless enjoy too much to stop eating totally.

            I am not hung up on fried chicken, but at certain times I long for it.

        2. Sweet:
          Hot fudge sundae with good quality vanilla ice cream and fudge topped with whipped cream and nuts;

          Pistachio ice cream sundae with hot butterscotch sauce;

          Spaghetti with good homemade meaty spaghetti sauce;
          Grilled cheese with tomato;
          Good fried whole belly clams or clam cakes, preferably at the beach

          1. Savory: Prime rib. Raw oysters.

            Sweet: Marscapone cheesecake with crushed pistachio crust, and dark chocolate drizzle.

            Alcohol: Scotchy scotchy scotch.

            Of course, tonight I had a chef salad for supper and I'm drinking tea now. :-/

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            1. re: pinehurst

              I'm glad I don't have your morality system. Guilt from scotch, prime rib, and oysters - that sounds like just another Friday night to me.

            2. Prime rib (rare) w/horseradish cream

              Marie Callender's Fresh Peach Pie (June, July, August only)

              Chef boy ar dee mini spaghetti and meatballs ~~ straight from the can only with a plastic fork

              Tommy's Chili

              1. I loved this thread so much I'm coming back for seconds

                Philly Cheese Steak
                Mac & Cheese
                Fish or shrimp Taco

                Carrot Cake
                Apple Strudel
                Chocolate Pudding Pie
                Crêpe Suzette

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                1. re: Sandwich_Sister

                  Nice list!

                  I have to say I don't feel "guilty" eating anything though. Sometimes I eat cookies for a meal and don't think twice about it.

                  Not sure why your average person would feel guilty after a meal. You wanted it, it tasted good, you ate it, story's over. Unless you like binge eat several thousand calories' worth of pizza at a time, I don't see the need for shame. And even if you did, if it wasn't killing you (via obesity, diabetes, heart disease, etc.) I still don't see the problem.

                  Maybe because I'm Greek and we take the "everything in moderation" approach to food.

                  1. re: nothingswrong

                    I agree, hence my post above. Eating shouldn't involve value judgments. With my own friends and family, I really try to encourage eliminating reference to food as "good" and "bad."

                    1. re: nothingswrong

                      Hahaha! I never feel guilty either. I've had cake and or Ice cream for breakfast, which really isn't a bad idea.

                      I think it's just a "theme" meaning foods you love to eat and don't care about how fatty, how many calories are in it.

                  2. fried chicken livers and gizzards
                    smoked pork knuckle with horseradish
                    canned Vienna sausage
                    deviled eggs
                    bacon, tomato, cheese sandwich on white toast with slab bacon
                    uncooked country ham slices with a side of whole milk

                    maida heatter's chocolate mousse
                    mallow cup
                    cheap wine

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                    1. re: Vidute

                      Yes yes and yes specifically to the first and last items on your list:)

                    2. For actual guilty pleasures, as in ones I'd be embarrassed to admit to in public, I'd go with Kraft Dinner, eaten straight from the pot, with a chaser of a can of coke, frozen bacon, condensed cream of mushroom soup eated un-diluted, fried spam, canned ravioli, whipped cream from a can, sprayed into a bowl, drizzled with Baileys and eaten with a spoon, and Dairy Queen marshmallow sundaes.

                      On the posher side, buying a pack of salmon roe at the upscale grocery and eating it it straight up for dinner, one egg at a time.

                      Things like ice cream sundaes, fried chicken etc. I don't have too often, but I am not at all guilty about eating them.

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                      1. re: tastesgoodwhatisit

                        TGWII: Take that salmon roe and spoon it into half of a ripe avocado. The colour combination is brilliant, and the flavour is incredible. Works well with sea urchin roe, too. Before you assemble, score the avocado flesh with a sharp knife and drizzle in a bit of ponzu and let it marinate for a few hours.

                        1. re: Tripeler

                          At a kaitenzushi in Tokyo, I recently came upon an avocado + spicy mentaiko maki. It was added to the favorites list in one fell gulp.

                          I haven't seen that particular combo at kaitenzushi before, so if anyone's interested, the restaurant was in Jimbocho.


                      2. Hot biscuits and gravy, with or without the fried chicken... homemade Meyer lemon eclairs...liverwurst sandwich...and a strong rum punch (or two). Just thinking about these things makes me want to go to confession.

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                        1. re: elenacampana

                          Oh, I forget about biscuits! Hot with a big pat of butter for each side.
                          I'm not sure if it is just the right of the cook, but it is nice to lick the beaters (and the bowl and the spatula) after frosting a cake. That piece of crisp turkey skin that you nip is just another perquisite.

                        2. If anyone's truly interested in the topic, there are hundreds of thoughts from 'hounds on this thread:


                          As to me, I'll add to what I have posted on that and the other threads of this ilk over the years. I'll go to 7-11, buy a bag of Dorito's, pop open the top, and fill the bag with their nacho cheese sauce and a big scoop of jalapeños. Add beer and let it all go . . . .

                          I'm also pretty solid sitting with a chub of sausage or liver pate, a knife, and some bread while watching College football.

                          Oh, and the bark/fat from the shoulder just after I pull it from the offset.

                          1. Every once and again I crave a really messy deli sandwich called here in NJ a sloppy joe. Rye bread, Russian dressing, sliced turkey, ham, swiss cheese, coleslaw quartered and wrapped. Football platter sandwiches. Oh and a garlic pickle. So good.

                            1. Banana cream pie. Eating a whole pizza (yes, ive done it several times - only after a really long run)

                              1. White Castle cheese burgers. It's not the actual burger that is the guilty pleasure, it's once I've consumed the last in the case, the case of 24 that the guilt starts to set in.

                                1. Is it permitted on this thread to say that I never feel guilty about pleasures?

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                                  1. re: Harters

                                    Absolutely! Guilty or not, pleasures bring a smile to your face and what is wrong with that?

                                  2. Okay, so I feel a little guilty about eating a lot of foods, but I'm going to limit my list to the foods that I think are just so bad, that I really do only eat them maybe once every few months.

                                    All fried foods
                                    5 Guys Burgers
                                    Thai (but I have this once every couple weeks anyways)
                                    Chikfila milkshakes
                                    Quesadilla Explosion salad from Chilis
                                    Ordering dessert out at a restaurant

                                    And lastly, I'll add that I'm pretty strict on portion controlling, so anytime I go out to eat at a restaurant and stuff myself by sharing an app, having a soup or salad, and an entrée (even if I don't finish the entrée) is a guilty pleasure of mine.

                                    1. The tapping the from brightly shined shoes echoed off the marble floor as the man in the dark suit walked briskly down the hallway. He reached the door, grabbed the knob and slowly turned it clockwise. As the door opened, he could see the wretched soul sitting at the table, face buried in his palms.

                                      The man in the dark suit came in, dropped the thick folder on the table with a thud and took a seat.

                                      “So” he began “are you another bum just like all others I’ve seen before? Tell me how you’re different. What’s your story?”

                                      Silence, followed by just the hint of a sigh.

                                      “Tell me what you did.”

                                      “I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING. I DIDN’T TOUCH NOTHING!”

                                      The man in the dark suit opened up the folder. He picked up the sheet at the top. He begins to read from it.

                                      “So it says here last Friday night, you were seen leaving through the back door of an apartment building in SoMa.” He threw a photo on to the table. “Is that you?”

                                      “I didn’t do anything” he whispered, the muffled sound barely audible.

                                      “We had an informer inside. At your little secret underground gathering. Didn’t know that did you?”

                                      Eyes grow wider as he peers through his hands. Pulse flicks up just a bit. “I didn’t …”

                                      “You didn’t what? Do you want me to show you more pictures? You took them yourself! Stupid kids. You go around with these phones. Smart phones! Hah! Should call them stupid phones. You all have them. Shows how little you actually know since none of your kind can actually remember or find anything. Always have to look it up. Then you take pictures of yourself doing things that you wouldn’t want your parents to know about. But you capture the event for all of eternity. Like I said, stupid phones, phones for dummies.”

                                      “Guys like you gather in secret and experiment with new things. Try out stuff before anyone even hears about it and you think no one else knows? So tell me about it. What happened.”

                                      “I’m not telling you nothing” the wretch cried out.

                                      “Well then” the suit says “you leave me no choice.”

                                      He takes out a stack of pictures from the folders and begins to flick them on the table one at a time as though he was dealing a round of cards. “These came from your phone.”

                                      “Foie gras with mission dates in a cherry reduction.”
                                      “Uni and foie gras wrapped in nori and flash fried with spiced green tea/szechuan peppercorn dust.
                                      “Mini kobe sliders stuffed with foie gras and onion marmalade.”

                                      “Do you want me to go on?”

                                      “NO, no, no” the wretch sobs. “I’m sorry, so sorry. I couldn’t take it anymore. Everywhere I went, it was sprouts, avocados, colonics, I just snapped. Its all too healthy. Nothing tasted good. I would go to the juice bar and get a bowl of something that looked like grass and not the good kind and it would taste like shit I needed to eat something with flavor. Fat. Forbidden. I had to get a fix, foie. After they outlawed it, its all I could think about. I then heard about this underground restaurant that was doing a foie gras menu. I had to save up my pennies for 3 months. Then I had to find it. I had a friend from college who worked at Google who knew someone from Kleiner Perkins whose sister had used to date the guy who was cooking so I was able to get a ticket. You got me. I’m GUILTY! GUILTY! GUILTY! Are you going to lock me up?”

                                      The suit leaned back in his chair, he opened up an antique sterling silver cigarette box and pulled out an e-rette. He took a long slow drag on it and blew the vapors in the form of rings towards the ceiling.

                                      “I’ve got a deal for you. I don’t have to lock you up. Here’s what you’re gonna do, call the chef, find out when the next dinner is, where it is. Get two tickets. One for you. One for me. You’re buying. ”

                                      Eyes go really wide. But he understood. “Ok. I gotcha. It's a deal. But how did you catch me? I was so careful. You said there was an informer. Can you tell me who it was?

                                      “Sure. Stupid. I was you. You busted yourself. Like I said, you took the pictures with your stupid phone. Put them on twitter. Nice name. Place to find twits.”

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                                        1. re: Bkeats

                                          Excellent tale, bk. Hat's off!

                                          1. re: MGZ

                                            Aw shucks. That's mighty high praise coming from you. Thanks MGZ.

                                        2. I rarely get to eat these because I do not cook them and seldom see them on any menu. Chicken fried steak with the white peppery gravy and mashed potatoes. Breaded fried crispy pork chops with a similar gravy.
                                          Chicken livers dusted in seasoned flour and pan fried.Old fashioned thick cut ham slices from a big baked ham that tastes like ham! Smoked brisket....smoked turkey and Reuben sandwiches.

                                          1. driving a minimum of 1 hour drive each way to eat a decent meal. i have capped it off at 3.5 hour drive each way. canada is just too far a drive for a weeknight meal...

                                            1. I was just reminded that some of my food friends got together to do plays on fast food.

                                              I did a play on dipping wendy's fries in the wendy's frosty. I made everything from scratch and the fries were actually salted sweet fried dough.

                                              It was so much fun. Other food there was a Taco Bell Inspired shrimp taco with fire sauce. A grassfed organic take on a Big Mac called Big Mac Donald had a farm.