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Jan 18, 2014 10:25 AM

For Tonight: Who has the best Kitfo (Ethiopian-Spiced Raw Beef) in the LA/OC area?

Craving really good spicy, flavorful kitfo. My current favorite places to get it are Rosalind's and Ibex but I would like to try another restaurant. As a point of comparison, I do not like Meals by Genet as I think they dumb down their spice profile for Americans. (Note I do not mean heat - you can get hot food there, it just lacks the subtle flavors vs other restaurants in Little Ethiopia on Fairfax.) I have never been to any of the Ethiopian restaurants in Anaheim: have car will travel if the hounds recommend it.

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  1. I love kitfo, and I've always enjoyed the version at Merkato, which is spicy and authentic. I know it's very near the others you've tried, but it's delicious.


    Although I have yet to try it, I have seen the kitfo at Awash, and it also looks excellent:


    Hope that helps.

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    1. re: cinefoodie

      Thanks for replying CineFoodie! I have been to both of those restaurants and I think the Kitfo at both Rosalinds and Ibex is better. I also forgot to mention Palms. That might be the best of the three but it closes very early.

      1. re: wasabica

        Thanks, wasabica! Good to know. I will have to try them. Clearly I need to sample more kitfo, although I did read in the LAtimes that Messob (which I'm sure you tried as well) was also quite authentic and always grinds it fresh.

        1. re: cinefoodie

          no, I have not been to Messob! That is now on the short list, thanks

        2. re: wasabica

          What is Palms?
          The only Ethiopian place I know with a name like that is Palm Grove on Western, is that the one?

          Also, where did you end up going and how was it?

          1. re: Butter Fight

            yes - palm grove. We went back to Ibex, and it was the best yet.

      2. Well, not in time for your yesterday, but in future, you might want to check try this restaurant:

        1. Too late now, but I love the kitfo at Tana in Anaheim. You may have to convince them to give it to you the 'real' way but it doesn't take much convincing, and they bring it with a smile when it's ready... I love it, and the homemade cheese that comes with it too.