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Jan 18, 2014 10:17 AM

Eating Seafood in the Midwest

This may seem like regional question, but really it isn't because it applies to any land-locked region of the world.

We love eating fresh seafood. When we are in places where we can eat it, we do so, abundantly. We like to eat sustainable foods, so are careful in that respect, as well.

The problem is when we are home, in the middle of land-locked country where seafood is flown or driven in and is usually frozen. We live in the midwest of the United States and other than what you catch yourself, there is no such thing as "fresh" fish.

What is the best way to do this? What to buy, what to look for, how to cook it, etc?

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  1. The "Midwest" is large and diverse. I live in Chicago and I can get all kinds of fresh seafood (there are all kinds flown in daily and avialble at a number of purveyors). If i lived in Effingham, IL, 200 miles away, I'd likely have a harder time finding something fresh.

    1. I call my seafood purveyor in Seattle at noon and ask him what's just been delivered. I tell him what I want and it's in my hands the following morning here in Indiana. That's pretty darned fresh.

      1. There are high quality frozen fish options now, be sure to read the package carefully to make sure there are no added preservatives and that it is from a source you are comfortable with.
        IQF shrimp are also a great option.
        This previous post has some ideas for cooking from frozen:

        Also consider there are some excellent tinned fish available now- sardines, smoked trout, and the european jars of tuna

        1. I live in Minneapolis and know there is fish flown here overnight. During warmer months (April-October/November), I can periodically get Gulf shrimp that is flown in overnight. I would consider shrimp caught the day before I buy it fresh.

          1. FWIW, mostly as an aside to folks who don't live in the Midwest, there is fresh fish in the Midwest - freshwater fish and shellfish.