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Jan 18, 2014 07:58 AM

Good places for pre-theater dinner near Lincoln Center on a Sat night?

We are going to an evening opera and need recs for good restaurants nearby. Any suggestions? Many thanks!

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      1. What's your budget, per person, before tax, tip, and alcohol?

        The options listed already are lovely but not cheap.

        I also highly recommend you make a reservation, mentioning your curtain time. Most places in the neighborhood are adept at getting you out in time. Reservations highly recommended no matter where you go. You don't want to miss your curtain time.

        1. We go to Shun Lee West at 43W 65. It's is pretty good and you can make reservations on Open Table. Also they are good at getting you out in time.

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            How much time should we allow for dinner if we have an 8pm curtain?

            1. re: Morninggal

              I usually reserve for 6pm and we have plenty of time.

              1. re: Morninggal

                I find a 6 PM reservation a good time it allows for a leisure cocktail and to look over the menu.