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Jan 18, 2014 07:49 AM

Three nights, working, on the cheap. Please feed me. [San Francisco]

I'm coming in for a conference near Fisherman's Wharf. There's little budget and less time. No fancy. No reservations. What's a dude to do? Thanks for all of your help.

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  1. Take a look at this thread about the "Bargain Bites" issue of the SF Chronicle:

    The map at will show you what places are located near Fisherman's Wharf.

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      That map has nothing closer to FW than Tony's Slice House, which might be the most expensive by-the-slice pizza place in town.

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        Il Pollaio (on Columbus, south of Union St.) is a good place for grilled chicken.

      2. Take the Van Ness Bus or Polk Bus. (To save even more $, walk Polk Street, it's mostly flat and some of it you can window shop.)

        Get yourself to Tommy's Joynt on the corner of Geary/Van Ness (one block over from Polk). You can get filled up for very little money. Hofbrau type place. I like the turkey.

        Also on Polk near Broadway there's an Escape from New York pizza by the slice place -- really big pieces. They have the regular flavors but a special one is the sliced red potato with roasted garlic and pesto.

        You can walk to North Beach, go to Green St. and get a slice of Golden Boy pizza. (It's square pieces, they'll heat up the slice for you.) If you like coffee, go to Trieste on the corner of Grant/Vallejo.

        Chinatown is next to North Beach, lots of cheap places but the one I prefer costs more: Yuet Lee, corner of Broadway/Stockton.

        1. Where, exactly? That's a largeish neighborhood and there's nothing like a conference center that I know of.

          1. If you're actually stationed in Fisherman's Wharf, then check out the Tanguito truck. It's stationary and provides outdoor seating.

            1. Not the best restaurant in North Beach, but one of the cheapest (and an old favorite of mine) is good old U.S. (for Unione Sportiva) on Columbus. Dinner specials from $10.00 and calamari and pasta or veg. (1/2 order, believe me it's plenty) on Fri. night for $9 last time I checked. Next door, fancier and a little more expensive, but still good value is L'Osteria del Forno. More upscale Northern Italian vs. U.S.' southern Italian/ East coast Italo' -American style. Another rec. for Yuet Lee, Calvin Trillin and I both like it.. Codmother on the wharf is the only place I'd consider eating, although I've heard that Tanguito is also okay.

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                  Here's my recent post on dinner at Original U. S. Restaurant,