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Jan 18, 2014 06:21 AM

High Street on Market

LaBan's review has my mouth watering. That Red Eye Danish, the corzetti, the bucatini... Oh my!

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  1. I went pretty soon after it first opened and grabbed some breakfast to go, including smoked salmon on pretzel roll and various pastries. The service was discombobulated, albeit only a few customers, they actually gave my pastries to someone else and I had to tell them what I needed before we could get my order somewhat close to what I had ordered. No part of that take out meal made me want to go back, from the coffee to the fried potatoes ( undercooked and seasoned too much. There was hardly any salmon in the sandwich etc... I was disappointed, as I had enjoyed an excellent meal in Fork a few weeks earlier.

      1. Went to HSOM with my daughter, grandson & his girl friend. We all really enjoyed the meal. Everyone liked the fried broccoli enough to order a second serving! My grandson & I shared the lamb tartare (artichokes & cashews) and an incredible Striped Bass Collar (braised greens & razor clam vinaigrette). Maybe the sweet, most succulent fish I've ever eaten! Pastas were: Agnolotti (jerk spice, eggplant, goat yogurt), Buckwheat Orecchiette (crawfish & okra), Beet Corzetti (sardines, hazelnuts & cheese), and Green Tea Garganelli (duck ragu). Every one of the pasta dishes were really good. Service was very good - attentive without be annoying.

        The meh of the night was a beet salad that had little to nothing going for it.

        We're all looking forward to returning!

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          Intersting you didn't like the beet salad, which one of the pro reviewers said was the new "best beet" dish in town (replacing Farm & Fisherman's beet "steak", which I love). HSoM's dish is cooked in beef dripings.

          I didn't dislike it, but it was probably the least interesting of the 8 courses we had.

        2. Went to High Street for the first time last night with a friend, who beat me to the punch with a Yelp review:

          However, I will say that this was an excellent meal. We had the 8-course tasting menu, which was mostly served sharing style, and it was a lot of food (ended up taking most of both plates of wagyu home), all for a bargain $45.

          My favorite courses were:
          1) Mike's crispy kale chips, which sound trivial, but are completely amazing (and messy to eat).

          2) Green tea garganelli with smoked duck ragu, the flavor of which would be a bit hard to describe if you didn't know what was in it (and a bit acidic too, which I loved).

          3) Rabbit & maple chestnuts, which was a wonderfully complex medley of cauliflower, almost burnt Brussels sprouts, fruit and tender flavorful rabbit.

          4) Black seaweed bucatini pasta, with weird little shaved lobster bottarga that I first thought was carrot shavings. All their pasta is made fresh in-house daily.

          5) Of the two desserts, I particularly like the sticky toffee pudding made with dates and served with ice cream.

          Good cocktails, an unusual short wine list (for example, they have a rare bottling by Frank Cornelissen, the crazy man of Mt. Etna), and also a back passage to Fork next door (so we stopped over to their bar afterwards, which stays open later).

          Great space, although a bit noisy even though it wasn't very crowded on a snowy night. Good friendly service, and they even comped us a couple of drinks (I think just because we were having such a good time).

          Convenient $6.50 validated parking in the Ritz at the Bourse movie theatre a block away.

          There's some great places opening up in Philly recently, and I'd place this up there with Laurel and The Fat Ham.

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