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Jan 18, 2014 04:49 AM

Surprise B-Day Turkey potential issue

I am throwing a surprise b-day party and my turkey was not thawed all the way, so thoroughly cleaned the sink, and placed the turkey in it without the wrapper and submerged it in cold water. I did not replace the cold water and left it in there for about 4 hours.My house is 68 degrees inside. Do I need to throw the turkey out and not cook it? I went online and saw prior posts and see I am wrong among other things.... thanks

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  1. No worries it's fine, I do it all the time over night.

    1. As long as the bird is fully thawed, you're food to go in my eyes.

      Not changing the water may have kept it too cold to internally thaw so check for that.

      Then season that beast and slam in a preheated oven until cooked to 160-165F at the thighs.
      Baste during the cooking as you deem fit.

      Done, and enjoy.

      1. I have done this many times and no one's ever gotten sick from it.