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Jan 18, 2014 04:29 AM

Food at VIP theaters

Anybody have some reviews of the menu now available at your seat at Cineplex VIP theaters?

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  1. All I know, is that it's all about getting them to huck the nacho cheese on your hotdog.

    1. I have been to the VIP theaters at the Manulife Centre and it was the regular snack bar menu but they just have people take your order at your seat and then deliver it to you. It was not like they had a kitchen and a chef somewhere... Not sure of other VIP theaters are different...

      1. Regular food and drink for which the wait is sometimes longer than if you'd lined up for it. Nor are they always sure of what there is - such as what type of candy or cookie. Plus you are expected to tip the attendant who brings it to you. IMHO unless you really want a quiet theatre and feel it is worth a $10+ or so premium, and you don't miss the big theatre picture and sound features, then you're better off sitting in a "normal" auditorium.

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          The assigned seats are a plus when it's a newly released movie.

        2. I've not been but someone was telling me just last night that the new QUeensway has charcutterie and cheese plates on the menu.

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            ^ true. saw the story on the news about this place. they have reserved seating, better seats, and different food available. haven't been myself either.

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              Interesting.. I heard they wanted to offer more options, this VIP on Queensway sounds pretty swank! Wonder how the parking situation will be there now though with even more theatres. They introduced valet parking too:


              If Burger Priest eventually opens up in that area I would prefer a pre-movie burger there vs. one in the theatre... Or smuggle in a Pie Comission pie :)

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                Oh yeah, I also read that the first row seats recline all the way back. Sounds quite appealing but knowing me, I'd probably fall asleep.