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Jan 18, 2014 04:21 AM

Around La Licorne theater?

Going to see a play at La Licorne (4559 Papineau) Thursday night. Would appreciate a friendly casual place in the neighbourhood that opens at 5pm or earlier since our play is at 7pm.

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  1. Chez Victoire is not too far and I think they open at 5. It's on Mont-Royal between Fabre and Garnier, 5 minutes walk from La Licorne.
    1453 Mont-Royal Est

    1. La Salle à manger opens at 5pm and is also pretty close. For something much more casual, Tous les jours is just around the corner and has one of the best burgers in town. Sandhu across the street from the theatre is good for pizza. They've recently opened an Indian restaurant next door. I haven't heard anything about it.

      1. Chez Victoire and La Salle à Manger both seem like interesting choices... thank you!