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Jan 18, 2014 02:11 AM

I need Bruges and Antwerp Recommendation.

I will be in Antwerp for 4 days in March before heading to Amsterdam. I planning to visit Bruges and dine at De Karmeliet but so far I've been reading mix reviews about the service. Any one have been there lately?

Any restaurant recommendation for Antwerp and Bruges is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Hi ilohilo,

    Karmeliet is always good. The service has been adapted to what people commonly think a three star restaurant should be - deference and distance. Not all the staff will speak colloquial English, but why bother? The food is stunning, just keep away from occasionaly overpriced french wines.

    In Antwerpen two new developments are worth your attention:
    Te Kook, a circular bar seating thirty odd people for an inventive list of dishes, mostly to share. Service is rather uneven, obviously with quite some people new to the job, but food wise very good.

    Value for money right now in Antwerp the best is ARDENT. A limited menu with three starters and mains, but everything done to perfection. Elegant yet generous.

    Please report back

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      Thanks hblnk! I've read about how ridiculously expensive the wines at De Karmeliet and the cheapest wine by the bottle they have is no less than 90euros. is this correct?I I live in New York and had the experienced to dine at 3 Michelin stars restaurant here. i just wanted to get a feel of 3 stars in Europe. I've already made reservation for De Leest and De Librije on this trip.

      Te Kook offers no info but I like the menu at Ardent website I also reservation at Kommilfoo any thoughts on that?

      Thanks again

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        Honestly, Karmeliet's pricing is fair, I believe, for the value offered. The Bordeaux is expensive and Burgundy still more, but that is what local customers expect.
        However, most customers will take the suggested flight of wines by the glass, which is excellent. You pay 150 euro for food and 50 extra for the wine pairing which will be five or six glasses.

        On balance, the Michelin stars add to the bill.

        Te Kook is a different concept, lower price bracket too, but very good and no stars. I never was at Kommilfoo.

        If you had a car in that part of the world, other top tables would be Nuance in Duffel and Dewitte in Zingem.


        1. re: hblnk

          I just wanted to say that I referenced this board for my recent trip to Antwerp. I had dinner at Te Kook and Ardent, lunch at Chez Fred and coffee at Barnini. The recommendations were spot on, which I appreciated!

          The vibe at Te Kook is very sleek and modern, and I liked the enormous bar table and the industrial lights. I had the best bowl of spaghetti of my life here (coming from a New Yorker!) and the sea bass was excellent. We had the four course pre fixe at Ardent, which was reasonably priced at 45 euro and the food was also imaginative, delicious and well executed.

          Chez Fred was fine, nothing memorable but checked the box on a light lunch in a nice atmosphere. If you'd like to see pictures of the dishes at Te Kook and Ardent, I've provided links below:

    2. I love De Jonkman. I've been there twice, this past July and the previous July. The chef is charming and highly skilled. Also, he sources excellent products.

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      1. re: Nancy S.

        I would have love to visit De Jonkman but it seems like you will need a car. I also found out that Sergio Herman is opening a restaurant in Antwerp called The Jane in late January so I might check that out as well. I was to late to try Oud Sluis.

        1. re: ilohilo

          It's a short taxi ride from the center of Bruge.

      2. Just to add a detail: Hertog Jan in Brugge has been voted top of the list by its colleagues. Its owner Geert de Mangeleer will be honored next Monday with a top award at Madrid Fusion.

        1. Best meal we ever had in Antwerp was in De Godevaart. Forced menu with wine pairings, 4 hours passed in the eyeblink. Total bill for two came EUR 250 in 2012.

          Another suggestion for Antwerp - Chez Fred. It is decent place for casual dinner or lunch, with great kitchen. We found it on occassion, and later returned there. Will go again next time we will be in Antwerp.