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Jan 17, 2014 10:04 PM

New Barbrix Venture in Atwater Village

What is worse than an Acapulco Restaurant? An Acapulco Restaurant that is closed, run-down eyesore.

LA Eater has mentioned that plans are for Claudio Blotta, Adria Tenor and Don Dickman have made moves to open a pizza / pasta establishment in the old Acapulco spot on Glendale Blvd.

This would be a dream come true!

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  1. It is in the process of happening, and in fact, half the remodeling has been completed.
    But remember, that building is quite old, by today's standards, so all systems had to be completely redone.
    That takes time and money.
    New drains, electrical, plumbing, and fill in the blanks, and most importantly, a new look.
    Be patient, but 60 days is more than sufficient.
    You will like the results, knowing Claudio's desire for doing things correctly the first time.

    1. Oh please let this happen soon! That would be awesome!

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      1. re: happybaker

        I have been doing the happy dance since I found out. We found out Whole Foods is opening a store in the neighborhood at Glendale / Fletcher. Good.

        But, finally, some place to eat!

        I used to go ti Don Dickman's Saturday morning events at Barbrix and loved his treatment of pasta … it's no wonder that Barbrix has Thursday Pasta Nights! He is good.

        He believes in making pasta the "star', he uses Latina pasta and sources at Guido Marcello. Seafood at Fish King in Glendale. And Claudio's wines.

        1. re: SilverlakeGirl

          Oh my. It's going to be awesome! Thanks for that extra happy info!