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Jan 17, 2014 07:14 PM

Farm & Fisherman-Just Plain Superb

Due to many factors, l have not been to this, one of my favorite Philadelphia places, for way too long.
Had made the res some time ago and requested my favorite table in the window on the west side, which was the table we were seated at.
Judy, the front of the house asked me if l wanted Josh to cook for me or whether l wanted a menu. While always afraid of Chef's Menus l opted for this choice as l have been there enough so they know what l want to chow down on,
Oh boy, did they deliver.

First course the well named roasted bloody beet app, portion a bit smaller but still just a perfect dish. Even for people who do not like beets, this could convert them.

Second course was very long roasted golden carrots that were married with guanciale and cottage cheese that again made vegetables meat. As good as the famed black carrots of France.

Third course more vegetables, this time sous vide cooked rutabaga with deeply flavored bacon on top.

l wish Vedge could cook vegetables like Josh does, l really do. The long roasting makes the sweetness come out so easily and the texture is so wonderful.

Fourth course my fav pork dish on the planet, as soon as reservation was made Judy ordered this for me, a pork chop of ossibau pork that weighed cooked about a kilo.
Medium rare to medium inside no pork could be better. My friend and l shared this, was served on a bed of gnocchi and wilted greens.

At this point we disappointed them by raising the white flag and gave up, we were stuffed. No next course, no dessert, just coffee.

Was with an old New Zealand friend and brought along a Te Mata Coleraine from 1997 that worked perfectly with the three vegetable courses, followed by a Turley Cinsault 2010 that matched the pork chop equally as well.

l regret that it was too long since my last visit here. This is one of my three or four places in Philadelphia l so love, l intend to return very soon.

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    1. This is a top object of desire.

      1. Mouth watering. Great synopsis.

        1. I've had Josh cook for me as well -- superb!

          1. I recently gave F&F another try mostly based on delucacheesemonger's continued devotion to the place and it was a huge improvement over my first visit (soon after they opened). Their new place in Cherry Hill (F&F Tavern and Market) is very good too, I had the chicken in hay there for the first time and loved it.

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                    I just did a google search, and apparently you are the first person in the history of the internet to use that emoticon.

                    Maybe you should trademark it, Parrot Face.