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Jan 17, 2014 02:46 PM

The Stokehouse and Josie Bones [Melbourne]

Hi all,

Sad news this week.

The Stokehouse had a fire in the kitchen and is now a blackened pile of rubble.

Josie Bones will close at the end of Feb. To be replaced with a Meatball and Wine.


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  1. And, of course, PM24 is no more as of NYE.

    Disappointing about Bones.

    Was on Smith Street last weekend - tried Lee Ho Fook and Gelato Messina. Both pretty good.

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    1. re: mr_gimlet

      Hang on, what?! What happened with PM24?

      In terms of nieuw (get it;) things... I went to Nieuw Amsterdam on Monday. While they are still getting things together, as they have only been open 3 weeks, I thoroughly enjoyed my meal.

      The Jerk Chicken, Pork Nuggets and Cheviche were sensational.

      1. re: kersizm

        PM24 is part of the Colambaris and Co empire, it has been rethemed and is re-opening as a contemporary Asian. Uncannily like Lee Ho Fook. Not sure where Mouchel is going. Everyone's going casual.

        LHF was very Smith Street, but the food was pretty good reinvented Asian - three out of four dishes were pretty good. I think it's modelled on something in Sydney, I liked their reinvented sweet and sour pork.

        N2 is good for a show, I've been to the Sydney one. Spring ST Grocer is still my best purist gelati.

      2. re: mr_gimlet

        Oh I like N2 on Brunswick Street for ice-cream too.. while it is a bit of bluster with the liquid nitrogen, I've had some really lovely ice-cream from there.

      3. Seems like Touché Hombre has closed too.

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        1. re: kersizm

          No, just the two offshoots (Electrica and Le Joint?) - the main one is still going apparently

        2. Sorry to hear about Josie Bones closing. Had a very memorable meal there last year.