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Moroccan food in Seattle?

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Just watched Secret of the Grain last night and now wanting to find an authentic place to eat in Seattle (or close by). Any good experiences?

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  1. I have no idea if it's authentic--I know very little about genuine Moroccan food!--but we've enjoyed Kasbah, up on NW 85th near 15th Avenue NW in Crown Hill.

    I was a little less impressed with Marrakesh in Belltown, but it's another decent option.

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      Thanks, MsMaryMc -- I've heard of Kasbah but not been yet. It's my husband's 39th birthday coming up and Moroccan seems conducive to good group dining. Maybe belly dancing? ;)

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        Call ahead and find out when the belly dancer is performing--we were disappointed last visit (particularly my husband!) They said they look at when they have the most reservations on a given evening, and schedule her around that. We ate late, and missed her.

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          Good to know! I was sort of hoping for the entire experience, including belly dancing.

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        Kasbah has better food than Marrakesh. Service is good and brisk. Kasbah is authentic, albeit a bit cleaner and more well-presented than the street food I had when I was there.

        Trying to see the belly dancer is a crap shoot. I've been there at least 6-8 times on Friday/Saturday nights and have seen the belly dancer only 2-3 times. It seems like she's always "sick".

        And depending on the crowd at the restaurant, sometimes it turns into a gaudy display full of bro-types whipping out their dollar bills out of habit at the first beats of the dance music. Another time, it was a bunch of Mercedes-driving Saudi exchange student skinhounds making quite a scene. But absent these elements which may bother some people, it's quite a lot of fun.

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          thanks! i've witnessed the whole brouhaha which seems to accompany belly dancing (at times) and i'm okay with that. ;) nice to know the food is worthwhile.