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Jan 17, 2014 02:15 PM

Besides chowhound, is there any other good food blogs/discussion forums you follow?

I want to broaden my food knowledge. I am wondering what other food blog/forum folks follow for food recommendation in SF bay area. Thanks!

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  1. Tasting Table. Jonathan Kauffman is the best reviewer working around here these days.

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    1. Joe Pastry.

      You probably already guessed that it's pretty much baking. But you get your (amazing) baking with history, sociology, current events and laughs.

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        I enjoy tablehopper. Marcia Gaglardi's writing style is quite breezy but she is humble and fair in her assessments, calling out places for underachieving but lauding good efforts. I also like that you can sign up for her newsletters to come straight to your inbox.

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          I prefer reviewers who don't get their meals for free especially when they don't disclose that.

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            Pretty straightforward about sometimes getting paid to dine out, actually.

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          Both "Noodle Frontity" and "Geezericious" are fantastically interesting. Both are done by CH Gary Soup, and should be winning awards if they haven't already.

        2. Well, to touch on a few reference points from the full spectrum of Bay Area food media (some of them venerable):

          Bay Area Restaurant Guide preceded Chowhound (you might never even have heard of Chowhound, had BARG's creator not found offshoot ways to make a lot of money, around 1996) -- and for instance Y*lp, avowedly or not, is basically an updated variant of BARG, using different ways to make money.

          Much older than any of those, and still operating though not what it once was, is the newsgroup, easy to find on HTML reflector sites, or you can do the traditional thing and download a newsreader. (Newsgroups, begun 1979 as an offshoot of email, were the main format of Internet text forums until the pointy-clicky tools appeared in the middle 1990s.) Until the mid or late 90s, carried basically _all_ of the Bay Area's public online food discussion, many good people participated, and I still sometimes check good content archived from then. BUT, it's unmoderated and like many unmoderated forums, developed the customary pack of a few self-appointed regulars, trolls, and random people with personality disorders (listed in the DSM), so it has not had its former quality, audience, or significance for many years; despite all, it does sometimes carry some unique news or discussion.

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            I think's main accomplishment was to prime local foodies to adopt Chowhound.

          2. From the Jan. Saveur 100 best issue by Paolo Lucchesi (SFChron):

            (not only SF, but he includes the Nopa blog)