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Jan 17, 2014 02:14 PM

Overnight hotel & dinner in the Rhone valley, somewhere between Vienne and Tain-l’Hermitage/ Touron-sur-Rhone?

Salut countryside travelers, we are hoping to find a stopover. In late April/early May we will be driving from Puligy-Montrachet down to the Camargue (Mas de la Forge, per Randy B and mangeur -- thanks!). We’d like to find a hotel/restaurant for an overnight stop on or near the Rhone, below Vienne. We've focused on Condrieu, but the pickings seem slim? We are looking at Le Beau Rivage, , and it may be OK, but we aren’t convinced it’s a good fit. Nor do the few other places we'd identified just north of there, in the Cote Roti, seem quite right, although Hotel Domaine des Vignes, , which is quite walkable from restaurants in Ampuis, is a possibility. (And it would move to the top of our list if there are well recommended restaurants in Ampuis?) And of course there is the Domaine de Claire Fontaine, http://www.domaine-de-clairefontaine...., but it's inland, and in any event we are not sure it's a good fit.

We are also open to making the stopover farther south -- as far as Tain-l’Hermitage/ Touron-sur-Rhone, if someone has a good recommendation for that area -- again on or quite near the Rhone, SVP. Thanks for any help. — Jake

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  1. We too were surprised to find that area so sparsely hosted. We unfortunately settled on Michel Chabran in Pont-de-I'Isere which we cannot recommend.

    Hound FoodieFroggy has recommended Maison de la Pra in Valence, somewhat off target but quite lovely looking. If needs must in the future, we will stop here.

    1. Inland from Touron, much simpler...but cute host offering table d'hote...

      1. I mentioned Le Chaudron in Tournon-sur-Rhone in this other thread. I'll repeat it here since a site search shows that no one else has ever talked about it, just in case you stay further south. Would love to read an update.

        I found this current info from the wine importers, Yapp Brothers, site. It is still the place to go for a deep and well-priced cellar of Northern Rhone wines. We had been sent there by Jean-Louis Chave, and it appears that continues to be his regular place.

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          Salut Melanie, thanks for this, we may try it if we go down that far for our overnight stop. And the Yapp site is good. (PS, and thanks for all of your helpful recs and comments here in the Bay Area.)

          Also, for the possible use of others, I've received another lead, linked from yet another wine site,, yielding this "not unpromising" chambre d'hote, -- Jake

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            That same long ago trip in 2001, I did have dinner at Le Beau Rivage, booked by my friend who was staying there. It was a pleasant evening but I don't recall much more than that. I do remember that we drank 1979 Gentaz-dervieux Cote Rotie and 1955 Chateau Gilette Creme de Tete Sauternes. Both wines from the restaurant cellar were in fine condition.

        2. We stayed and ate at Domaine de Clairfontaine last July. It was lovely. The people who run it are charming and could not be nicer. The food was quite good and it made a nice stopover on our way north. We stopped there after M. Bouissou at Hotel Faurie decided to take a break and we had to find something quickly. I'd have to check my notes to see what we ate. It wasn't show stopping but it we were quite satisfied and would return.

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            That looks like a great find in that area of scant lodging.

            Perhaps we should have a thread on places we found outselves after being set adrift from Hotel Faurie! Could be the solution to our seemingly cumulative problems in this otherwise lush region.

          2. Update: We've decided to stay overnight at a maison d'hote in the vineyards, just outside Ampuis,, mentioned earlier (thanks for the lead, mangeur). The helpful proprietor has recommended to us nothing for dinner on a Thursday night in his own nearby town; instead he's listed four dinner possible options for us -- all about a 10 minute drive, which we hoped to avoid but may do anyway. For the use of others similarly situated (and in case anyone here can offer comments) I’ll quote him {with some of my notes} below:

            AUBERGE DE LA SOURCE à Tupin et Semons, Style Bistrot around the vineyards decent prices very nice wine list Tél 00 33 474 59 54 03. {We are leaning toward this, which apparently also offers a nice view over Condrieu/Cote Rotie and the river below -- we found a website here:; and for what it's worth:}

            DOMAINE DE CLAIREFONTAINE, excellent gastronomique et belle carte des vins, {Note, of course this has been mentioned earlier.}

            LE COTTAGE (Marais St Jean) Ouvert le soir à partir du jeudi; cuisine simple et très bonne excellent rapport / prix endroit très agréable Site :, email : {Note: according to the website, this is "Our new establishment, Le Cottage, opened in July 2013! Located at 800m far away from the Domaine, on the top of the village . . . ."}

            L’ESPACE PH3 14 Bd Fernand Point à Vienne: Petit restaurant du grand restaurant gastronomique La Pyramide, Tél : 00 33 4 74 53 01 96. {Note, we probably will pick countrside over Vienne, unless we hear great things aboput this one.}

            -- Jake