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New Orleans with a Dog

I'm headed to New Orleans for a few days with my very small dog. We are planning to walk in the Krewe of Barkus dog parade on February 23, which should be lots of fun. I'm a little concerned about eating and drinking, though, because it's just me and the pooch for 5 days at the end of February. Will it be warm enough to sit on patios and will the dog be welcome, or will I be relegated to ordering food to go and eating on park benches? I'm willing, if need be, but it would be much nicer to hit patios and courtyards and have table service, wherever possible. The dog will happily curl up in my lap and be largely invisible, but I don't want to break any rules or pressure restaurant waitstaff to allow us anywhere we really shouldn't be. Any suggestions of dog-friendly patios, creative dining options outdoors or carry-out from better than average restaurants and corner joints that will still taste great once I find a suitable place to sit and eat?

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  1. Dogs are generally welcome at sidewalk tables, which many places have. February will probably be a bit chilly but I imagine that many places will have outdoor seating set up, it being the weekend before Mardi Gras. In the Quarter, the courtyards at Sylvain and Cafe Amelie spring to mind. Elsewhere, Baru, Herbsaint, Coquette, and Petite Grocery have sidewalk seating with table service, and Dante's Kitchen has a courtyard. I would call first to any of those places to see if they have outdoor tables open. And many, many restaurants in the stretch of Magazine between about Washington and Napoleon have outdoor tables, some with table service and some order at the bar. Two overtly dog-welcoming bars are the Bulldog on Magazine (serves food) and the Bridge Lounge (no food, but food trucks about every night). I've been with my friend's little dog inside many, many bars (not upscale places though), and never had a problem.

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      Needless to say, I'm praying for good weather. I love the food truck idea, but am I okay alone at night at those two bars and in their neighborhoods? If I meet friendly people along the way who are willing to dine or drink with me then it's no problem, but if I'm alone at night, will I feel safe? I'm a petite female that might appear to a criminal as an easy mark. I assume cabs are a must after dark. My hotel is in the Quarter.

      I will definitely call the places you've suggested to verify that they will be serving outside and that the pooch is welcome. Thank you, uptownlibrarian!

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        Both those bars are in busy areas. but I'd cab it to/from. Although the streetcar will get you from the FQ right to Bridge Lounge.
        I would also see if you can make some contacts with other visiting dog people through social media and Barkus.

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          Great suggestion re: social media! I'm definitely hoping to meet people at the dog parade. I arrive on the Saturday and the parade is the very next day. I'm guessing that the majority of parade participants with dogs will be from Louisiana, if not New Orleans and environs.

          The streetcar is off-limits to me with the pooch, sadly. I'd otherwise be using the RTA for most transportation. RTA has a strict service pets only rule. My dog provides no service whatsoever, beyond companionship, hostility toward approaching strangers (friend or foe) and unconditional love, but only toward me, LOL. See my avatar for a cute shot of him in Cuba a few years ago.

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        The R Bar and Kajun's (and others in the Marigny/Bywater) are dog friendly as well.

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          siberia is OK with em. they've got some delish pub grub, too. everybody's chowing in there. i had a perfect new orleans experience in there 2 weeks ago...watched a comedy (Hannibal Burress showed up! :O) and burlesque show while eating odd eastern european food and drinking (heavily) with dogs underfoot.

          J&J's is pet-friendly again after a yearlong hiatus of hounds.

          Markey bar (decent pub grub, closes early) is also cool with canines i believe.

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          bulldog isnt super-hip on dogs being inside...they usually try to keep em outside. i've been bitched at (pun intended) with my dog inside at the mid-city bulldog.

        3. A couple of dog-friendly bars that serve good food....Erin Rose (Killer Poboys) and Buffa's.

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            I was so hoping to get a rec for a Po Boy place that's also dog-friendly. That's helpful. I really appreciate your endorsing the food too. "Dog-friendly" definitely doesn't always equate to "awesome eats".

          2. Be sure to have a look at the fete for the King n' Queen.

            1. You can do a yelp search for dog-friendly restaurants (and google works to, for bars as well). There should be plenty, especially the more casual joings, and especially for a small, well behaved poochie with a friendly mom. You mentioned wanting a poboy, you might check out Parkway (in Bayou St. John, near City Park, a very nice place to walk a dog).

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                I have plans to check out Parkway and possibly Killer Po-Boys, since Erin Rose was recommended as a pet-friendly place as well.

                Thanks to everyone for their suggestions thus far. Please keep 'em coming! I'm amassing a short list that I can pull up on my iphone for quick reference and maps once I arrive in town.

              2. I perceive that you're staying in, or near, the French Quarter, but we like The Bulldog, on Magazine. It's primarily a pub...but with a bit of a doggy theme. Great for us when we're on vacation and missing our furry friends.

                It's not chow, but as a dog person, you might like Gallery Rinard, at 841 Royal, for some fun dog-themed art.

                1. I saw well behaved dogs in a few of the bars in the FQ while I was there in December. There were quite a few nights of crawlin, so don't remember places in particular.
                  They were always, umm, maybe you'd call them 'lower tier' establishments? Friendly as hell, lotsa fun, relatively cheap, but in other words, not the Brigstens, Pat Obriens, et al.
                  I do remember Boondock Saint on St. Peter below Bourbon. 3 different people had dogs there on two separate occasions (I was relatively sober).
                  We had to board our dog while travelling, so the bar pups became our friends...

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                    My son often brings his dog. Although "Oscar" does not partake of any bodily functions while bar hopping with my son, he is often brought water and treats by the establishments.


                  2. Check out the Rum House on Magazine.They have outdoor seating and husband and i were just there this week with our two dogs. We have also taken them to Joey K's on magazine as they have outdoor seating as well. Bulldog is always an option.
                    Check out the app Bring fido. Gives you places that are pet friendly

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                      I got the impression that Bring Fido was not particularly reliable, when I was searching hotels. A number of places were listed, but when I clicked on the hotels, many led to disclaimer pages, saying that the information had not been verified. Rather than go through the same motions for restaurants and bars, I thought I'd put forth the topic here. The response has been fantastic, and most appreciated!

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                        "many led to disclaimer pages"
                        what a scam...

                        I clicked on the link provided by JazzyB and thought "geez, what a great resource".
                        Now I'm thinking "geez, what a waste of time."

                        1. re: porker

                          Apologies. Just trying to be helpful. . I have no experience with the site. I'm local so my pups stay home when we go out. Doggie doors make leaving them home a no brainer.

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                            No apologies needed!
                            I thought it was extremely helpful, but I do not have experience with the site either.
                            I'm guessing the site might be OK in some areas, but its just a general frustration of mine when coming across "dummy" sites.

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                              I don't necessarily think the site is a scam. Some places have been researched, but others are submitted by users. The site just puts the disclaimer there in case the information is spurious or places change their dog policies. It was certainly a fine site to use to begin planning. I eventually found a hotel and might have uncovered some restaurants and bars, with the help of my Lonely Planet. However, I'm always going to appeal to local CHers for food and drink info! ;-)

                              JazzyB, my 3.5lb Chihuahua wouldn't know what to do with a doggy door if he encountered one. He'd be prey for large birds if he were outdoors alone. Bringing him with me to NOLA means that he's with me 24/7 like a newborn baby, for better or for worse. He'll be nice company for me, since my husband will be in Aspen skiing with his business partner for the same time period. Rather than stay home grumbling about the Polar Vortex we're having this winter and watching the snow pile up, I decided to head to NOLA for warmer climes and 6 days of fresh air and fun.

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                                I didn't mean to imply leaving your baby home while you travel. I only leave mine home alone while we are in town. When leaving town, one of my sons house/dog sits.

                                Anyway, for sure Finns, Bulldog and St. james Cheese.