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Jan 17, 2014 01:07 PM

Tijuana Food Guide

I recently watched Bourdains and Bayless's shows on Tijuana and really want to take an eating trip to visit some of the places (and others) highlited in the shows. I think having a guide that knows the city and the best places to eat and food shop would be a great way to go. Does anyone know of any good and reputable guides that offer this kind of serivce for a fee?


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. You can pretty much DIY it in Tijuana and eat pretty well.

      Spend some time reading Bill Esparza's StreetgourmetLA blog. He provides addresses for almost everything he reviews SOB. Friends and I here in San Diego have used it frequently to craft our own dining day trip

      Reading the Life & Food Good Bites Good Times is also a good idea. Kristin doesn't always provide addresses for places she features, but Google and Facebook can fill in the blanks most of the time.

      Bill, Kristin and her husband Antonio have teamed up to do Club Tengo Hambre which is a roving dining club. They do several day trips each month. They've been focusing on the Valle de Guadalupe lately, but I think they're getting back to doing some TJ dining trips. They take care of everything. The group just meets up at the border, you cross, climb into a van, break out the tequila and then hop from place to place. They usually only do 3 places per day trip. I believe they also do individual/private trips.

      Also check Turista Libre which is the original Tijuana day tour. The owner was a journalist in SD who discovered he could live a more creative life SOB...and has. He does food tours, art, culture, pop-culture (lucha libre, swap meets, water parks) and more. He definitely does private tours.

      I have done multiple tours with both Club Tengo Hambre and Turista Libre. Turista Libre is a little but more my style, but truly, both are an easy, fun and safe way to see Tijuana and northern Baja.

      There is also a new trip operator starting up called Comida y Cultura (or maybe it's Cultura y Comida) that is going to specialize in the Tecate area. It's being developed by 2 former employees of Rancho La Puerta, one American and one Mexican. I did their first trip for Dia de los Muertos back in Oct/Nov and it was pretty good, well worth the money spent.