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Jan 17, 2014 01:02 PM

Making Dough for Dumplings - what did I do wrong?

Tried making dumpling dough for the first time today and what a disaster! The dough just never seemed to get to the "elastic ball" consistency the recipe called for. Was too wet regardless of how much more dough i added to it.

what I did:
1. mixed 3 cups all purpose flour with tspn salt in a bowl
2. slowly mixed in 2 cups of boiling water in increments, whiles stirring the dough mixture.
3. Added a cup of cold water and continued to mix.

dough just never came together. What'd I miss?

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  1. It sounds like too much water. I use 1 cup boiling water to 2 cups maybe 2 1/4 cup flour.

    1. the dough i made with great success from the first time i tried is was andrea nguyen's basic dumping dough.

      10 oz flour (~ 2 cups)
      3/4 cup just boiled water

      make in fp in like 10 seconds.

      1. Sounds like way too much water.

        I always use a Delia Smith recipe for dumplings:

        100g self-raising flour
        50g suet

        Only needs about 3 - 4 tablespoons of water to bring it together.

        1. What kind of dumplings are you making?

          ETA and whose recipe?

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            Sounds like soup dumplings! Heh...

            1. re: sr44

              Same question...what kind of dumplings are you trying to make?

              1. re: Springhaze2

                Let me also repeat: What kind of dumplings are you trying to make? :)

                American dumplings?


                Chinese dumplings?

            2. This looks more like a recipe for papier mache paste than dumplings - it's got as much water as flour in it!

              I'm assuming you're trying to make Asian style dumplings - I came across a recipe similar to this in a dumpling cookbook, and it was equally disastrous - I ended up with three times the amount I wanted by the time I had added enough flour.