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Jan 17, 2014 12:28 PM

Dinner with baby

Looking for suggestions for restaurants in Montreal that won't mind us dining with an 11-month old baby on a Sunday and Monday night. Looking for good food! Doesn't have to be fancy, but delicious would be nice!

Staying downtown, but can cab it for good food.

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  1. Holder, in Old Montreal, open both nights has always been very accommodating when dining early. It tends to get louder around 7h30.

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    1. This is an interesting question because I have been surprised by restaurants that I would assume to be unfriendly to babies and then have turned out to be incredibly welcoming and accommodating. La salle à manger fits into this category: they don't have high chairs but they have raisers (booster chairs?). Another one where we have been is Jano on Saint-Laurent. I have been to Trois petits bouchons on 2 separate occasions and left kids behind only to see families with babies for early reservations. Best to call beforehand but this is my experience. On the more casual side L'anecdote has boosters, highchairs and crayons if you are looking for something that informal.

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        These are all great suggestions, thank you so much!!!

      2. Evoo has been very nice on that score. Great food, too.

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