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Jan 17, 2014 10:20 AM

Elimination diet - ideas appreciated!

I am feeling a bit desperate. With such a long list of no no foods I am having a hard time coming up with ideas. Roasted or otherwise simply prepared veggies and rice or salads are all I can think of. Luckily this is only for a few weeks and then I can start adding items back in, but until I figure out what to eat I have been pretty hungry! I don't want to rely on frozen or other prepared meals from Whole Foods-type places, although I have filled in a couple of meals with those in a pinch already. (Choices are limited anyway within the parameters.) I am very thankful in advance for any ideas! I figured it would be easier to be creative from a step away.

I cannot eat:
- meat, fish, poultry (vegetarian)
- dairy
- eggs
- soy
- gluten
- bananas
- apples
- citrus
- avocados
- beans
- tomato
- mushrooms
- onions
- corn
- nuts
- alcohol, including cooked
- anything pickled, fermented or marinated

Thanks again!

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  1. That's quite a list.
    In the Jain religion they are vegetarian but they don't use garlic or onions. They don't use root veg either but no reason you can't. This is probably a good bet to have something interesting on such a restrictive diet.

    Link to recipes which may useful

    1. Wow. Looks like, by eliminating all legumes (beans) and nuts, you have eliminated most obvious vegetarian protein sources. My mother worked with the Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation years ago, and one of her projects was working out food combinations that supplied complete amino acids in a vegetarian diet.

      That was a while ago, but you might find them helpful.

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        Tex, that truncated link doesn't work for me. I'm quite interested in your mother's work. Could you post a more complete link, please. Thanks.

        1. re: texanfrench

          Texas, did a Google search and found Price-Pottenger and info. Thanks for posting.

        2. Can you eat seeds? Sunbutter, sunflower seeds. Flaxseed meal as an egg replacement in recipes in which you use rice flour.

          Can you eat berries? Add to Ricera (rice yogurt).

          Rice pasta with roasted red peppers and olive oil.

          1. Yikes, that is really an elimination diet!

            I assume you're working with a nutritionist or dietician in conjunction with your physicians.

            That said, my only NON-professional thoughts would be to keep your protein intake up. Quinoa, brown rice, and perhaps kasha (a/k/a buckwheat groats). Buckwheat is related to the rhubarb plant, so make sure that's not a problem for you. I believe they are all gluten-free, but check with your advisers.

            Can you eat any fruit at all? Like grapes, pears, pineapple, berries. Even frozen berries could work in a totally fruit smoothie sort of thing, maybe a little water or a bit of 100% pomegranate juice to thin it out. I don't believe pomegranate to be a citrus fruit, but it could complicate you in other ways.

            Are oils okay? Most vegetable oils are corn or soy, so stick to olive oil, if you can, or organic sunflower or safflower oil. I was going to send you a link to La Tienda, Spanish importers, for their smoked olive oil, but it is out of stock at the moment. It's not a cooking oil, rather a finishing oil. Expensive, but a delicious treat when you just need a few drizzles for a flavor boost over vegetables or lettuce.

            You said you were checking labels for prepared food. Good. Soy, gluten, dairy, and corn products lurk everywhere.

            Can you eat lentils? It's in the legume family, so I don't know if that would be off your list.

            Best of luck with this, Olive.

            1. Very-very tough! Here are a few suggestions:

              Make a list of all foods that you can eat and start building meals with those. Make a large pot of vegetable stock and use it to cook everything in instead of water for extra flavour and nutrition.

              Quinoa - hot or cold with roasted or fresh vegetables or fruit. Could dress with olive oil and some spices.
              Rice - fried with vegetables; coconut - good for breakfast topped with fruit or berries
              Boiled vegetable salads dressed with oil and herbs (dill)
              Soups - carrot/ginger, cream of any vegetable using potato instead of dairy
              Potatos/Sweet Potatoes - mashed, fried, baked, boiled
              Vegetarian Sushi
              Seaweed - crumbled on other dishes or a a salad
              Stir-fried vegetables with rice

              Good luck!