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Jan 17, 2014 10:03 AM

Hip Trendy Birthday Dinner

If you were going to ask me where to have a great birthday dinner, give me some general parameters and I'll point you in the right direction. Add trendy and hip in, and I'm in trouble.
My cousins want to do a hip and trendy L.A. birthday dinner in March. I'm assigned the task of finding the right place. While I'm adept at finding delicious food, I'm inept at determining what's hip and trendy at the moment.
They had suggested The Bazaar, but we hit Jaleo in Vegas when we were last there together. I had considered the new Hakkasan in BH, but think that might skew more towards the club scene than dinner. Perch was also on the list, but being that it's a place known for the view, I'm not sure how the food is.
Any area of LA from DTLA to the Westside works. They won't think the South Bay and Valley is trendy enough. Open to any type of cuisine. Budget is about $100/pp including drinks.
Please help...I would be extraordinarily grateful.

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    1. Nobu Malibu has the nicest room and best views in LA. Providence has some of the best food but you might go over budget. I am a big fan of all the Mozza restaurants. Ted and Connie's for seafood in West Hollywood, Animal or Son of A Gun. Casual in Venice is Gjelina or Superba Snack Bar and You might check out Baco Mercat or Alma in downtown LA.

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        I adore Providence, but it's not as hip and trendy for my cousin. She rarely goes into L.A., and a civilized first-class dinner won't do it for her. The Mozzas are fun, but not dressy enough for her. As you can tell, she's a bit hard to please.
        I like the idea of Bestia and Alma. The close proximity to the Varnish or nice bar would be great to cap off a night of birthday fun. Thanks!

      2. LUDO LEFEBVRE, JON SHOOK AND VINNY DOTOLO"S TROIS MEC you must buy tickets for the evening and with wine you might go a little over budget

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          Would love to try Trois Mec, but don't know what my cousins would think of the neighborhood.

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            The neighborhood is fine. It's across the street from Mozza.

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              Sorry, I meant I'm not sure what's around the neighborhood should they want to do a nightcap or hangout nearby afterwards. DTLA is nice because of all the bars and lounges that are close by.

        2. Some ideas...Here is a new LA Eater article "14 restaurants to take out-of- towners"