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Jan 17, 2014 09:03 AM

So, another New Haven pizza question

I was born and raised in Hew Haven. So I am biased in my claims of pizza dominance. And the new dining companion in my life has called me out on my seemingly outlandish claims of the best pizza in the world being from an otherwise uninteresting (to non-believers) town. So now we are coming this weekend. I will admit to being out of touch. Pepe's for lunch is a no brainer. But on a Saturday night do we get to Sally's at 4:30?, wait until 9?, try to get take out? go to the Modern? etc.. I have not lived there since Carter was in the White House, and my somewhat frequent visits since have all been timed so It wasn't Saturday night, so I'm not longer a local or savvy enough to fake it. Little help please!!

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  1. I have become totally enraptured with the fresh clam pie at Zuppardi's. I remain a fan of Pepe's white clam pie, but this takes it to another level. Throw in the fact that they rarely get the lines that the Wooster St. faves do (despite a similarly long history), and it has become our goto place when around NH.

    I still believe that Sally's is the best overall, but unless you can get there as it opens (or have the secret # - I don't), the line can be a killer.

    I assert the domestic pizza dominance of New Haven, but my favorite globab pizza destination is actually Buenos Aires - a bit outside the scope of this board!

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      I've been to BA, and had some great pies. Mostly had
      steak and empenadas though.

      I think i need to bring the new dc to Wooster just for the experience. She is a NH pizza neophyte (although from
      mass, claims to have never even been in NH let alone
      heard of its pizza dominance)
      , plus she thinks its cute that I think my hometown has the best stuff. thanks all for the help. It seems like saturday night will be the Modern(could be worse) to avoid Sally's lines.

    2. I'd suggest Modern on Saturday night - probably less of a wait then Sally's and a lot less of the crappy attitude.

      Modern's white clam pie is amazing - best of the three IMO.

      Pepe's has the best sausage pie.

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        Modern also uses fresh clams. I had heard otherwise, but I just phoned them.

      2. The good news is that this is a holiday weekend, and some locals will get out of town.

        I am biased and would get on line at Sally's Saturday afternoon. Iwould not eat at Modern never liked their pies and they are inconsistent.

        Zuppardi's in West haven is very good, but I find the crust a bit thick for my taste.

        If you don't want Wooster Strett, then the assiorted pizza at Bar are very good, just not Apizza.

        Ernioe's on Whalley Ave in Westville is a great alternative, but not coal oven baked.

        1. Since Jimmy Carter's day, New Haven has added BAR, on Crown St. Their white clam rivals Pepe's. I have not been to Sally's in many years. Not a huge fan of Modern, they seem to always burn the pie