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Jan 17, 2014 08:44 AM

Odeon? Les Halles?

Love the mood at Baltahzar.....any thoughts?

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  1. We enjoy Les Halles for brunch and late night bites.
    Similar mood as Balthazar but not as busy/loud.
    Never been to Odeon.

    1. I think Pastis is the most similar, but their food/service isn't what it used to be.
      Les halles is a close second (park ave location), Odeon as a very different vibe for me- not as warm somehow.

      What about Artisinal? Best food IMO- love the gougeres-a little larger than Balthazar but feels similar, if they're booked there are a few two tops by the bar that are first come. And great wine list

      1. I've never been to Les Halles, but I've been to Odeon 100 times. Balthazar has better food than Odeon. Odeon is a little more reserved in vibe than Balthazar or Pastis.
        Odeon's oysters are fine, their country salad with lardons is good, Burgers are ok, fries are always too salty.
        If it's food your ant than Cercle Rouge would be a better choice but it is a smaller place so quieter than all of the above. DBGB may have the mood of a Balthazar.
        Pastis is similar and same owner as Balthazar but the food isn't as good as Blathazar.

        1. Pastis is closing at the end of January for an extended period [], so hurry if you want to try it.
          I agree with the kudos for Balthazar (spell it as you will!) over Odeon; I never got the appeal of Les Halles, though -it's like Old Town with oysters. And a +1 for Artisinal.

          1. 2nd rate - at best - dinner at Les Halles (John Street) a couple of weeks back. Don't recommend it. Balthazar is infinitely better.