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Jan 17, 2014 08:43 AM

Question for Food on the Brain

Hi There...I've been reading your posts and find the information very helpful as my family prepares for our first trip to Nassau. We will definitely need to grocery shop and wanted to see if your recommendation of Solomon's still stands. Where is that store located as well. Thanks! You are a wealth of knowledge!

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  1. Good day! I do not visit here often, but I am glad that I saw this only a few days after you posted!

    I am glad that you find my posts helpful, and I am happy to give you some suggestions.

    Ok, when are you coming down, and where are you staying? Are you planning to do most of your meals at home, and what meals do you think you would like out?

    There have been a lot of changes here restaurant wise, so some of the old info may no longer be relevant.

    Let me know, and I will respond with more detailed info.


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      Hi FotB: We have rented a property and have a full kitchen so we will likely cook most every day. Perhaps we will go out for a casual bite. We love good food, good atmosphere/ambience. Seems like Arawak Cay had some good options. We enjoy fresh seafood but will definitely need to do some grocery shopping. We'll be there in a few weeks. Can't wait!

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        Ok, Jsoares - where is the property you have rented? Once I know, I can give you some very specific ideas about grocery shopping. :-)

        I am sure you will have a fabulous trip. We were out on the water all day today - it was gorgeous (if not a bit cold - only about 70 degrees! The water is 74 degrees 3 ft. below surface, and 82 at the surface. Cold for us, but I am sure heavenly for you! :-))

        Arawak Cay has some options, but if you really enjoy fresh seafood, and good food, and are likely to cook a lot, I can give you lots of ideas. :-)

        Do you like to go fishing?

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          We're renting a car so we can get around without using jitney/taxi. I believe the property is near Sandyport Beach. Unlikely that we'll fish as our infant daughter will be with us!

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            Ok, easy peasy now!

            Solomon's Fresh market is about 5 minutes west of the airport. Sandyport is 10 minutes east of the airport. Fresh Market is definitely the place to go for your breads, fresh seafood (although expensive, unless locally caught) and meats. Fresh market (on facebook, check out Solomon's Fresh Market) has great products, both specialty and "normal." They have a lot of organic produce, and the non-organic produce is really nice. They have HUGE fruits - apples, grapefruits, etc. Tip - if you like fresh berries, instead of buying the fresh berries in clam shells, buy them over in the re-packaged fruit mixes! Way less expensive and they have sifted out the not so fresh berries!!

            Milk - what do you prefer? 1%? 2%? Organic? It all makes a difference.

            If you are staying near Sandyport beach, you have two great choices - Fresh Market and Super Value. Where you go depends upon what you really need. Let me know what you prefer, and I can tell you where to go.

            Tell me your ideal, and I will give you my recs. :-) Is it just the two of you with your baby? How long will you be here? What do you think you would like to do?

            Looking forward to helping you have a great holiday!

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              Thank you for your quick reply Food! Solomon's sounds like just what we need...your standard supermarket. We are swimmers mostly so any beach recommendations would be so helpful. We plan on visiting the Atlantis aquarium and am mulling over a trip to harbor island, but keep reading how the "fast ferry" is anything but. We'd live to hear your lunch/dinner recommendations. Simple good food. And of course any beaches. With the car it'll be easy enough to access most I'm sure. Thank you again!

              1. re: Jsoares

                Yes, if you are staying near Sandyport Beach, you have a lot of great options. Swimming - across the road (or beside, if you are staying in Delaporte). If you are thinking about Atlantis, it is important to remember that to see that aquarium, you need to pay for a day pass ($124+ per adult) or stay overnight there. It is truly amazing though! I think that to go through the aquarium otherwise is $40+. There are some amazing areas within the aquarium) I do believe that the aquarium is a must do, if you are willing to spend the $.

                As for Harbour Island - beautiful, but if you are not here for more than 2 weeks, it is not likely worth your while. A Harbour Island day trip is not enough. There is not a lot to do there, but there are pink sand beaches to hang out on, and a few great restaurants to hang out at.

                My parents are coming down in a week and we are planning on taking them over on the "fast ferry" for an overnight on HI.

                Lunch/dinner - if you are staying in the Sandyport area - there is the Poop Deck west - sometimes good, sometimes less so. I have found them salty. They do have a good selection of Bahamian foods.

                There is also the Traveler's Rest which has reopened in the last 6 months. They do serve good Bahamian home cooking.

                In the Sandyport area, there are also Spritz & Twisted Lime in the Sandyport Olde Town Marina area. (Check out Google Earth or Google Maps to see you locations in comparision with some of these places.

                Sprtiz has great thin crust pizzas; Twisted Lime is a sports bar and has fantastic wings. All good!

                Further west is Compass Point - also with some yummy offerings, for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.

                Grocery wise, I would suggest that Solomon's Fresh Market (5 minutes west of airport) and Super Value (10 minutes east of airport) are your best options. You will likely find whateever you need at one of these two. If there is something else you are looking for, let me know and I will try to source it for you!

                OK, thanks so much for your input/ Hopefully some of this is helpful!