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Jan 17, 2014 08:39 AM

David Burke Kitchen

Have a reservation there tonight to take my son and his girlfriend, who I am meeting for the first time. We just made the reservation the other day, and I wanted to stick with Soho, because her apartment is there, and that was the most recognizable that came up. Usually when we come in for dinner, we are either in the theater district, or go for some of the other name restaurants, although not even as up on them as I used to. After spending over $1,000 a couple at Per Se, I just decided that food can't possibly be good enough to cost more than than some people have to spend in a year.

Any thoughts on my choice?

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  1. Not a bad choice. The ambience is nothing special, but the food is playful and fun, while not as avant-garde as, say, a WD-50 or Atera or something. It's one of his more casual places, too - less fancy than his flagship uptown. Solid joint. Appeals to adventurous and non-adventurous eaters alike.

    If you want a place that's a little more straightforward you could check out The Dutch or The Harrison, both in walking distance of there. Marc Forgione has a similar playful take on New American cuisine, but I doubt they'd have any last-minute rezzies. DBK ain't a bad choice.

    1. How did you enjoy David Burke Kitchen? I like the restaurant quite a bit. The food doesn't amaze me but it's quite good and there's a whimsy that makes the whole experience very appealing and fun. Especially love the monkey bread.