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Jan 17, 2014 08:12 AM

Mexican in downtown Raleigh

So, Chowhounders, we need to choose between Jose and Sons or Centro for Mexican. Thoughts? Anything else within walking distance of the Marriott downtown we might consider as alternate? We did Bida Manda last night based on reviews here and it was great!!!

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  1. I was in Raleigh for a meeting about a year ago and had a very good dinner that definitely exceeded my expectations at Jibarra, and was going to recommend it....but just realized it has closed since then. Sorry to see that. However, the website gets re-directed to Jose and Sons, so I guess perhaps there is a connection? Anyway, based on that and the menu, I'd definitely give it a whirl if I were back in town.

    1. The last meal I had at Centro was underwhelming. Jose and Son's is indeed a reincarnation of Jibarra, and the menu does look good. Otherwise, I'd recommend Beasley's (fried chicken), Chuck's (burgers), or Poole's Diner - all run by the same lady. Then there's the Pit for bbq or Battistella's for Cajun.

      If you do go to the Pit or Jose & Son's, make sure to also stop by Videri chocolate, a bean to bar operation that's right there.

      1. I haven't been to either, but just based on experience with previous incarnations, etc., I'd go with Jose & Sons.

        1. I've been fortunate to go to both within the last couple of weeks--first time at Jose and Sons. Both were very good but I think I personally enjoyed the food more at Centro than Jose; however, I think that could have been due solely to liking my selection more at Centro than Jose rather than the quality of the cooking, etc. I think they both typically do a fine job so my advice would be to look at both menus and choose which one has the dishes that appeal to you more. As noted below, Jose does offer the advantage of Videri next door.