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Jan 17, 2014 07:36 AM

Question about Romeo

We will be in Rome this May and will probably be doing the Vatican Museums on Friday night to avoid the crowds. If we stop by Romeo around 6 PM or so will they have their full menu available or just cold stuff like meats/cheeses?

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    1. re: gourmanda

      Last year they were open on Friday nights from May-October, we are assuming they will do the same this year.

    2. Were went to Romeo in early December at about that time of the evening and the restaurant was open, in addition to the pizza and meats/cheeses.

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      1. re: GyroBall

        Great news, thanks! I've been lurking for a while in preparation for this trip so I'll spare everybody the "where do I find the best fettucini alfredo?" type questions and just come back with a full report in a few months.