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Pizza Traditionalist.......No More.

If someone told me 10 years ago of the wonderfulness of using Brussels sprouts for a pizza topping, I wouldn't even consider it. Sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, pepper and onion, perhaps ground beef....these were the toppings I grew up with. I think anchovies are a bad idea, but at least they seem to be "traditional". Anyway, last night I made this Brussels sprouts, bacon, onion, and mozz white pie. It was fantastic! Highly recommended! Who knows, I might even try a Hawaiian next.

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  1. bitter greens on pies is pretty standard, like broccoli rabe or arugula. your pie sounds great!

      1. That looks and sounds delicious! I wish my husband would eat Brussels sprouts. I love them roasted with bacon and walnuts.

        My favorite nontraditional pizza is butternut squash, caramelized onions and goat cheese. (with some fresh herbs)

        1. I love Brussels sprouts on pizza - my DH was skeptical the first time I did it, but fell in love instantly. They're our favorite vegetable - why WOULDN'T they be good on pizza??? :)

          1. Sometimes when I make homemade pizza, I do a "garbage" pie... everything but the kitchen sink. THIN sliced onions/peppers, black olives (NOT outta a can), left-over veggies,,, plenty of cheese.

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              So where do your black olives come from, a jar? Your own olive tree?

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                If @kseiverd is like me, the olives come from either an Italian deli or a market that has olives of all kinds that you buy by weight. At least that's what I got from the statement "(NOT outta a can)."

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                  Oh you mean like an olive bar? We have one of those in one of my local upscale markets. They cost close to $20 a lb. and trust me, those come out of large industrial sized jars ;)

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                    That's true, but there's a difference between being stored in water, brine or oil...

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                      Absolutely. Most varieties of olives are not canned, except for the ubiquitous mild pitted black olives from CA.

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                        yeah those olive bar olives have nothing to do with those tasteless black olives in a can.

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                      Well, everything has to be packed in something before transport and distribution. But the ones I buy locally at my local Italian deli are much better than the ones in a a jar or can from the supermarket shelf.

              2. I am inspired! Additionally, if you share your recipe, I would like to give this a go.

                1. Nice!!
                  There's a brussel sprout pie i love at motorino that's they're pretty famous for, here's their menu:

                  And roberta's has a unique one with chili and honey that is cravable- just a tiny drizzle of honey. Listed as:
                  "Bee Sting: tomato, mozzarella, sopressofa, chili, honey"

                  1. I made a pizza just this evening with a thin base layer of pesto, then topped it with caccio di Roma cheese, broccoli rabe, speck and goat cheese. Quite tasty!

                    1. That's great. You would like Gabriele Bonci the maestro of Pizzarium in Rome.

                      1. We had pizza night Friday and love experimenting. These were pretty basic. One was sautéed leeks, mushrooms and spinach, another was pesto, prosciutto and fresh mozzarella and the last was a margarita.

                        I am loving the idea of roasted Brussels sprouts or even shredded and sautéed with onions on pizza, maybe with goat cheese. Makes me want to do pizza night again tonight!

                        1. AB's favorite pizza is with broiled spinach. Thanks. I'll try the sprouts.