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Jan 17, 2014 06:14 AM

Hey Cape Cod...What's your favorite cup 'o joe?

...and where do you get it? I like a couple of local roasters, maybe because I like to buy local whenever possible, and maybe because local is fresher because it's closer (?). These days I'm partial to Beanstock Coffee winch is roaster in Welfleet. I buy the whole beans to grind and brew at home, and there a few breakfast joints that feature it as well. Right now I'm sipping on a righteous Mexican Fair Trade Organic.

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  1. We stay in Truro so it's Savory and Sweet Escape on the highway. Good selection of coffee drinks, reasonable prices and thanks to a high turnover very fresh coffee. When I go to Ptown my go to is Chach's, across from the Stop and Shop, either for a coffee to go or a sit down breakfast.

    EDIT: you did ask about beans. I always bring my own for the morning Joe, preferably drunk on Corn Hill Beach. I drink Starbucks half caf blend of Sumatra.

    1. It's a few years ago, but at the Chocolate Sparrow in Orleans, as well having a great cup of coffee, we watched the baristas blend their own blend of fair trade beans.

      1. mrwynter loves Nirvana in Barnstable!

        1. Coffee Obsession in Falmouth.

          1. I'll add Jim's coffee. Its out of wareham. not sure if it still is at Pain D'Avignon. Was at old location.I use to get it from my food coop too. Also can get it from Organic supermarket at Bell Tower mall. Nirvana is great too :-)
            Beanstock Coffee is good too, have found that at the daily paper aka old perry's.

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              I like Chatham's Roasters also, which is served up at Hangar B. Nirvana's okay. Jim's, although listed as organic, doesn't quite do it for me.