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Jan 17, 2014 05:54 AM

Sayulita 2014

A few places we tried

Don Pedro's Nice view upstairs. Only so so food for the price. We had a fish burger and tuna tostadas. Obviously very fresh fish but not so flavorful.

El Costeno On the beach. Surprised by the good octopus in garlic and shrimp ceviche.

El Itacate Had rib eye tacos, chili relleno taco. Steak seems to be their specialty. They were well cooked, lacked seasoning but the various table sauces made up for it. Went twice.

Sayulita Cafe (chili relleno) Can’t understand why this place is popular. Terrible margs. Horrible chili rellenos. Shrimp relleno was overcooked with a weird sweet sauce.

El Riconcito This is a permanent roadside stand just across the bridge(2 side by side places with same/similar menu). Our go to place for fried fish and shrimp tacos. Aguachile with shrimp was delicious.

O'restaurant at Villa Amor Nice spot for a view of the beach and a snack. Great nachos, decent margs.

Aaleyah's This place was vile. Gristly chicken nachos and gasoline margs, weird condescending service.

Los Afortunados We enjoyed our meal here. Lovely garden. Friendly owner and service. Good margs. Nice caesar salad with house made dressing, nice to taste the anchovies. Mixed grill was well done, highlights were the shrimp, poblanos and steak. Didn't enjoy the chorizo but that may be the local variation.

Casa Gourmet Panaderia Surprisingly good croissants especially the chocolate.

La Empanaderia Take away, inexpensive. Seemed to sell out most days so we assumed they would be good. Tried the tuna, ok but lacking in seasoning and the spinach/potato which was especially bland. Chicken mole was not edible, mushy texture and too sweet.

Tacos el Ivan Amazing tacos al pastor. They don't seem to open until around 7pm most nights.

Chilly Willy Great michelada. Made with care, the best we had in Mexico. Drink in house or to go. Good fresh shrimp aguachile.

Restaurant Lenza Good michelada, mediocre margs and fajitas. Good chicken huaraches.

Street churros.... Freshly made, tossed in sugar to order so you can request less sugar. Price varied from 10-20pesos.
We also bought delicious coconut treats on the street one evening, large mounds of fresh shaved coconut cooked with honey and toasted. Not sure what they were called, don't think they were referred to as macaroons. Vendor said his mom made them.

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  1. I am headed there again in Jan 2015. Hopefully I can update your list. Was there in 2010 and 2005 and failed to note the names of the taco stands that we ate at all the time.

    1. Sayulita is great, was only there for an afternoon last time. Glad I saw this post. Going to go back sometime and this will be handy.

      1. I love Don Pedro's. Also the cafe run by the English woman in the zocolo, Bananas something, very good for breakfast.