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Jan 17, 2014 05:40 AM

Suggestions for Sports Bar in Arlington, VA area

My husband and I are foodies and huge sports fans. We struggle finding a great place for food and to watch the game -- football and hockey predominately. Any suggestions for sports bars that have great food and good tvs?

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  1. There are a ton of sports bars but not many with good food. Hard times has a sports bar and good chili. Bracket room is supposed to have more refined food, but I have not tried it. I have had some good wings at green turtle, but no sports bar in Arlington that I have tried has really good food. Good luck.

    1. Thirsty Bernie probably has the best sports bar food in Arlington. You just have to be patient with the service, as it can be inattentive at best. But lots of TVs.

      Pierogis, popcorn shrimp, french dip, mussels have all been standouts in the past.

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        thirsty bernie is featured as a reader's choice winner in the "best sports bar" category in arlington magazine's jan/feb 2014 issue. (chef david guas, bayou bakery, is on the cover -- he won "best chef.")

        mr. day's iin clarendon is pretty good -- but very loud. lots of tvs and a couple of really large screens. we like the prime rib sandwich on wednesday lunch. good happy hour deals on weeknight evenings. the wednesday evening happy hour has a good reduced price menu. mr. alka likes the sliders and $3 pints of guiness. i usually get the nachos and the…lagunitas? for $2 (IIRC).
        granted, none of this i would elevate with the label of "great" food, but it tastes good and is well-prepared. the beer selection is quite good, too -- bottled and on tap.

        1. re: alkapal

          Thirsty Bernie's was very good when it first opened but the food is only so so these days. Also, the way the TVs are positioned it is not a great watching experience. I have not been to mr. Days in a while but the last food I had there was pretty poor. Maybe it has gotten better but it has never been known for the food.

          1. re: rappel75

            i wasn't crazy for TB even when it first opened.

            when were you last at mr. day's? it has been there a coon's age.

            1. re: rappel75

              There was a very short period when Jamie Stachowski was cooking at Thirsty Bernie's, and the food was very good while he was there.

              1. re: DanielK

                that's when i went, and had his charcuterie platter which was very, very salty, and partially inedible. and i'm a big charcuterie fan.

                i've bought his sausages since then at falls church farmer's market, and they were much better.

        2. When I'm in DC I stop in at the LA Bar. Total package.
          Friendly atmosphere, sports on many TV's, quick good burgers and hilarious Karaoke on Saturday. I particularly enjoy the Thursday jam nights. Bring your instrument and join in.