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Jan 17, 2014 05:00 AM

Pizza/Fast Food Midtown NYC

Thinking of taking 3 grandchildren, ages 7-10 into Manhattan on Sunday. Any pizza/fast food, or other child friendly, inexpensive eateries (preferably dairy) in the Rockefeller Center, & or Herald Square (Toys are Us) & or Times Square areas?

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    1. Solo pizza shop in the Sony building on 55th and Madison -

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      1. re: ahuva

        I wouldn't really put Solo in the category of "inexpensive", but it certainly is excellent and child-friendly

        1. re: PotatoPuff

          Pizza de Solo is not the same as Solo--it is a casual, relatively inexpensive pizzeria in the Sony Atrium food court area. It is take-out, but you can eat at the tables in the food court.

          1. re: DevorahL

            JG - we had our Chow get together there ;)

            1. re: DevorahL

              It's casual, but I wouldn't call it inexpensive. It may be cheaper than fleish places, but it's definitely upscale pizza at upscale prices.

              Given that I would not even think of the full Solo as "child-friendly", I think that's what PotatoPuff was referring to also.

        2. Who gives hashgacha to the Great American Health Bar these days? It was not universally accepted but it may have changed. It's on 57th between 5th and 6th.

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          1. re: DeisCane

            Not sure, but last time I was there (few years ago) it was expensive for what it was. Definitely not inexpensive.

            1. re: DeisCane

              I was just scouting around the area a couple of months ago, and was curious about their hashgacha myself. Its Tablet-K. Just for kicks, I did look at the menu - prices seem relatively reasonable for that part of Manhattan, depending on what you order ($10-15 for a hot sandwich). I would not describe it as inexpensive (I mean, it's not like going some place for two slices of pizza), but it seemed reasonable to me. I saw some plates being taken out to diners - the portions are NOT small It's New York. At a similar place out of town, the same sandwich might be $9-14.

            2. I haven't been yet, but Raffaello Kosher Pizza (on 46th, near Rockefeller Center) has been getting good reviews. It is a slightly upscale pizza shop, with creative Roman-style square pies and (I think) paninis and salads.

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              1. re: DevorahL

                It was also shut down recently for a few violations. Not sure if it reopened. Unfortunately, the moderators locked the thread.

                Don't go there yet--you'd want to wait until they reopen.

                1. re: DevorahL

                  If you do go there, has a coupon for $1 any slice, through February 5th. Can't get cheaper than that!

                  1. re: DevorahL

                    Not really good reviews, people were complaining about the rude staff, and adulterated ingredients, expensive prices and burned pizza. They had what they deserved. I have been there once and a bad experience I spent 10 $ just for 2 slices very small slices and burned, a can was 2$. Never go there if they reopen its a waste of money

                    1. re: Madonna890

                      I strongly disagree, their pizza is FANTASTIC! The 4 cheese and truffle are so delicious. They are pretty large portions and 2 slices, actually authentic Italian square slices, are lare and more then enough to satisfy anyone.

                  2. The original comment has been removed